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10 Fall Food & Drink Ideas for Your Autumn Bash

10 Fall Food & Drink Ideas for Your Autumn Bash

Bring on all the deliciousness of fall food.



Hot Cider Bar


hot cider bar



At fall weddings, it would be a shame not to enjoy the cool, clear weather outside. Keep your guests toasty by offering a bar of apple cider or hot cocoa. This hot cider bar offered sweet toppings like caramels and whipped cream in matching mugs.



Pumpkin Spice Alternative


coffee and biscotti



If you love pumpkin spice lattes, but don’t want to have an espresso cart at your wedding, try this yummy alternative. Serve cups of coffee alongside these pumpkin spice biscotti, drizzled with a bit of chocolate.



Hot Toddy


classic hot toddy



Want to serve something with a kick? We’re big fans of classic hot toddies. They aren’t sweet or cloying like other fall cocktails, and instead have a cozy blend of citrus and herbal flavors.



Guinness & Pub Fare


meat hand pies



Savory hand pies have been popular in the UK for centuries, but they’re just becoming popular here. The perfect accompainment to a pint of Guinness, this hearty fall food is simple and satisfying.



Butternut Squash Soup


butternut squash soup



Everyone has their favorite fall dinner. Here, we can’t get enough of butternut squash soup seasoned with sage and a bit of sea salt. Serve with crusty bread and a fresh green salad.


Fun Sliders


chicken waffle sliders



In the middle of summer, guests often don’t want to eat rich foods, instead preferring lighter fare. But now that the seasons have changed, it’s time to bust out the more decadent appetizers, like these delish chicken and waffle sliders.



Chili Bar


chili food station



While food stations aren’t quite as trendy as they were a few years ago, they are still really practical solutions to being able to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs. Chili is such a lovely, traditional fall meal, and you can make it so that even your gluten-free and vegan guests can partake.



Mini Pies


stacked pie table



For an autumnal dessert table, order a range of mini pies in seasonal flavors like pecan, pumpkin, and apple. You can arrange them to fit your theme, such as this rustic wooden display.



Caramel Apples & Toppings


wedding caramel apples



It wouldn’t be fall without a caramel apple. Have them pre-decorated or let guests in on the fun with a buffet of sauces and toppings.



Seasonal Doughnuts


apple fritter doughnuts



Or try a selection of doughnuts in fall flavors, like these apple fritters with pecans and a brown butter sauce. Many local bakeries also make pumpkin or spice doughnuts.