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10 Halloween Cocktails for Your Themed Bash

10 Halloween Cocktails for Your Themed Bash

These Halloween cocktails are just the right amount of spooky.

blackberry sage margarita

Blackberry Sage Margarita

Herbal cocktails are some of our favorites, and this blackberry sage margarita is the perfect example. Smoke has become the latest cocktail trend in a variety of forms. This one is created using food-grade dry ice (just follow the usual precautions and don’t drink until it is dissolved).

black licorice cocktail

Black Licorice Delight

For those that love black licorice, this is about to be your new favorite cocktail. A blend of blackcurrant liqueur and Pernod, this intoxicating drink is as strong as it is sweet. To turn these into Halloween cocktails, style as they’ve done here, with black ice cubes and a black sugar rim.

butterbeer hot chocolate

Pumpkin Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

If Halloween is just one more excuse for a Harry Potter marathon, we’ve got the drink for you! This pumpkin butterbeer hot chocolate (contain your excitement) is spiked with bourbon and decorated with butterscotch sauce.

caramel apple sangria

Caramel Apple Sangria

Caramel apples are a Halloween staple, so try this caramel apple sangria if you want Halloween cocktails with lots of fall spirit. A couple glasses of this and your friends will totally be down for going to the pumpkin patch to wait for The Great Pumpkin.

black martini cocktail

The Blackbeard

Doesn’t this black cocktail give you a sense of foreboding? It gets it dark hue from squid ink, but if you prefer, you can use food coloring. This drink is a blend of spiced rum, Fernet Branca, and chocolate stout, so it’s definitely not for those that prefer their libations on the sweet side.

smoking fall cocktail

The Sleepy Hollow

The drink had us at its name. Just as alluring as the story of the Headless Horseman, this smoking cocktail has everything you need for a Halloween party. The smoke is achieved by lighting a sprig of rosemary.

red cocktail

The Red Riding Hood

This is a great cool weather cocktail because of its warm, earthy flavors. Those that like slightly herbal drinks but still want a little bit of sweet will love this recipe.

smoky tequila cocktail

Smoky Tequila Cocktail

This white tequila cocktail isn’t outright scary, but it certainly has plenty of quiet intrigue. Made with white tequila, Grand Marnier, and a flaming orange twist, it will definitely creep up on you quickly.

Chocolate Chili Cocktail

Chocolate Chili Cocktail

Ever had chocolate tequila? If not, this is a tasty place to start. Mix Chili Chocolate Patron with lemon-lime soda for a drink that we promise isn’t as strange as it sounds.

bourbon citrus cocktail

Bourbon Citrus Sipper

If you are hosting a Halloween themed bridal shower, this cocktail is really good for a crowd. Just make your favorite spiced apple cider and add some lemon slices and bourbon.