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10 Healthy Juice Recipes for Your Pre-Wedding Routine

10 Healthy Juice Recipes for Your Pre-Wedding Routine



Look and feel great on your wedding day by prepping with one of these juice recipes.



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Get the Glow

If you’re new to this whole juicing thing, this recipe is super easy. Don’t let the color scare you – this green juice only uses four tasty ingredients to make your skin glow. The best part? No juicer required.




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Plenty of Pears


Lacking in fiber? This green juice packs plenty of it, plus a delicious taste brought to you by a balance of pears and celery.




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Immune Boost


Nobody wants to be sick on their wedding day. If you feel a cold coming on beforehand, mix up this immune boosting concoction. A dose of ginger helps clear your sinuses, while the turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.




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Tasty Turmeric


Another turmeric packed drink, this watermelon infused juice can be created using just a strainer and blender. It’s perfect for getting the nutrients you need and keeping cool on a hot day.




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Beet It


Be warned: this juice recipe has a serious ginger kick. Nonetheless it’s still delicious (if you’re not about ginger, you can scale it back). Its red color derives from beets, which can help with blood flow and blood pressure.




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Chia Crazy


It may sound strange, but drinking chia seeds has its major health benefits. You can mix the seeds in with a juice of your choice – this particular recipe recommends cranberry, blueberry or blackberry.




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Sunshine Blues


Loaded with vitamin C, this berry lemonade is perfect for sipping on the patio. If you’re not a big fan of drinking veggies, this is just for you.




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Anemia Fighter


Combined with fruity flavors and of course, more beetroot, this juice has more than just a sweet taste. It’s full of iron and takes only a few minutes to mix up.




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Sweet Pairings


Ever heard of juicing a sweet potato? Yep, it’s totally possible and adds a silky texture to this juice. Also made with apples, this drink is the perfect health kick for fall.




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Coconut Bliss


Don’t let this sweet drink’s taste fool you – this coconut infused juice is packed with antioxidants. If you prefer a creamy smoothie to a juice, this beverage may just change your mind.




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