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10 Luxury Wedding Cakes to Wow Your Guests

10 Luxury Wedding Cakes to Wow Your Guests

Be tempted by these gorgeous cakes.

white wedding cake

Garden Party

Want to add even more height to an already impressive luxury wedding cake? Have your florist and baker create a faux flower layer on the bottom.

black wedding cake

Painted Patterns

While watercolor washes on cakes are also really popular, one of our favorite types of luxury wedding cakes are those with painted patterns. On this glam boho cake, the gold glints off the solid black background.

pink ombre cake

Glam Ombre

This is seriously next-level ombre (not just in height, but also in the amazing depth of the colors and construction). This cake showcases the flawless execution and top-notch skill required for a luxury bakery.

white cake with gold accents

Gilded Accents

Love white and gold? Well, this palette looks spectacular on a wedding cake. Whether you add pink floral decor or go without the extra adornments, gilded accents are definitely attention-grabbing.

multi pattern cake

Popular Elements

When you have a large guest list, you could go with one giant wedding cake, or you could have your bakery design you a suite of coordinating confections. This fetching trio features trendy colors, a botanical wreath, and preppy stripes.

stained glass cake

Elaborate Designs

Luxury wedding cakes are renowned for their artistry, and this stained glass-inspired cake is no exception. Because this is such an elaborate and intricate design, leave the rest of your dessert table simple so that the cake can be the star.

tall aqua cake

Grand Accessories

Don’t get us wrong, we love how well luxury cake designers can make their fondant absolutely smooth as silk. As you can see from this aqua cake, the fondant icing is impeccable. But the real appeal of this cake is in the stunning floral decor cascading down the cake.

lace wedding cake

Touchable Texture

Ever see a wedding cake that was so unbelievable that you just wanted to reach out and touch it? This lace and ribbon design so brilliantly replicates those textures that we’re betting they had to post a “Don’t touch” sign.

peach and gold cake

Unpredictable Combos

We had no idea peach and gold could look so grand! This opulent wedding cake featured alternating layers, oversized gold confetti cake decor, and a giant gumpaste flower to tie it all together.

alphabet wedding cake

Spelling it Out

Writing on cakes is all the rage right now, so it’s often hard to feel like you are getting an original take of the trend. However, this alphabet wedding cake with “love” in red is such a wonderfully modern statement, and completely innovative.