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10 Margarita Recipes for Summer Weddings

10 Margarita Recipes for Summer Weddings



It’s time to break out the tequila.






Grapefruit Bitters Margarita


Whether you are having a Cinco de Mayo party, a fiesta-themed bridal shower, or just want to enjoy a delish cocktail at your summer wedding, you will love these 10 margarita recipes.


If you like your drinks on the tart and tangy side, this grapefruit bitters margarita is calling your name. It doesn’t have many ingredients, and would be great at a brunch.






Blood Orange Margaritas


Need to serve a crowd by the pitcherful? These blood orange margaritas are fruity and sweet, but pack a powerful punch on a hot day (so make sure to have plenty of water and time to enjoy them).







Ginger Pineapple Margaritas


This gourmet margarita is a zesty combination of pineapple and ginger. It involves a bit more prep work than most margarita recipes, but it’s well worth it.







Lemon Lime Margarita Sangria


One of the most traditional margaritas is simply one with lemon and lime. This one, though, also has white wine and Cointreau to give is a unique twist. This simple recipe is great for cocktail traditionalists who want to expand their horizons.







Frozen Champagne Margaritas


Bridal showers and champagne go hand in hand. So, why not take it up a notch with a frozen champagne margarita? This effervescent drink will dazzle your guests.







Frozen Blueberry Margaritas


One of our favorite things about summer is the abundance of fresh produce, particularly juicy berries. Make a margarita using whatever is in season. This blueberry version serves as an excellent guide to creating your own berry concoction.







Lemonade Margaritas


As kids, we all loved selling lemonade in front of our houses, hoping to earn enough for trips to the ice cream truck. Revisit those memories with a more grown-up beverage like these lemonade margaritas. Refreshing and light, they are perfect for a backyard bash.







Texas Margaritas


Everything is a little bolder in Texas. These margaritas are not for those faint of heart, with a potent blend of fruit, tequila, Grand Marnier, and a jalapeno pepper. If you are hosting a party with Mexican food, a beverage like this one would pair well with something rich, like cheese enchiladas.







Slushy Coconut Lime Margaritas


Dreaming of that beach honeymoon? Take a break from reality and make yourself one of these yummy, tropical margaritas to enjoy on the patio.







Frozen Treats


Of course, when the temperatures really climb, no ordinary margarita will do. This popsicle version is a completely whimsical refreshment!