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10 Refreshing Spring Cocktails

These delicious spring cocktails will have you dreaming of warmer weather in no time.

Springtime cocktails means breaking out of the hot toddy habit that we’ve developed over this cold winter, and trying drinks on the lighter side.  Refreshingly zesty using plenty of herbs and delicate flavors, these 10 cocktails will have you dreaming of the sunny weather to come!

1. Gin Kimchi Cocktail

Amateur mixologists will love this interesting drink. You should be warned that this cocktail is more complicated than most, with several homemade ingredients to assemble. However for those of you looking for an impressive and adventurous drink, it will be well worth the effort.

2. Ginger & Jasmine

For all of you ladies planning bridal showers, this is the cocktail you should serve. A mix of sparkling rose, jasmine tea, and ginger syrup, it’s delightfully delicate.

3. The Fizzbite

Citrus lovers will need to try this crisp cocktail! With rosemary and lemon flavors blending with grappa, you’ll be drinking this long into summer.

4. Thai-Style Limeaid

Limeaid is already pretty great on its own, but the addition of lemongrass and lime leaves makes it even more magical. You can add any liquor or champagne to give it an extra kick!

5. Cucumber Basil Vodka Gimlet

Prefer a subtly-flavored beverage?  Then you will adore this graceful cocktail. The mixture of basil, cucumber, and sugar produces a satisfying and slightly sweet drink.

6. Blueberry Ginger Mojito

This unique twist on a traditional mojito calls for vodka, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use rum (or even whiskey) to blend with the blueberry and ginger flavors.

7. Islay Be Seeing You

If you normally prefer whiskey cocktails, this scotch and rum beverage will be right up your alley. The recipe also uses yuzu juice, honey, and ginger syrup.

8. Smoked Rosemary Rum Punch

Make a pitcher of this delicious drink for your next party.  The smoked syrup takes a little while to prepare, so just give yourself plenty of time to finish it before your guests arrive!

9. Pimm’s Summer Night

If you like a nice gin and tonic, you should give Pimm’s No. 1 a try. Favored by the Brits, this liquor is a blend of gin, fruit juice, and herbal flavors.  Blend with prosecco and lemon and you have a little party in a glass.

10. Sparkling Cranberry Margarita

The combination of tart cranberries with silver tequila is light and delicious. While this recipe calls for lemon-lime soda, those who prefer less sweet cocktails could simply substitute club soda. This drink is the perfect reward for doing yard work on those late spring weekends.

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