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10 Refreshing Wine Slushies & Frozen Drinks to Cool You Off

10 Refreshing Wine Slushies & Frozen Drinks to Cool You Off

Savor summer with one of these incredible cocktail slushies.




Chardonnay & Citrus


A citrusy combo of Chardonnay, Grand Marnier, and fresh grapefruit, this tart beverage is delicious relief on a warm summer day. If you are making these wine slushies for a party, whip up a large batch in the blender (however, when doubling the recipe, we recommend adding just a little more ice).




Red Wine & Pimm’s



You’ll find no lack of flavor in this slushie! Blend together red wine, melon, Pimm’s No. 1, and crystallized ginger for a zesty frozen beverage. These wine slushies actually pair really well with a hamburger fresh off the grill.




Rosé & Strawberries


If you have plenty of ripe strawberries in your fridge, you should try this sweet slushie. Blended with rosé, this pretty pink drink is ideal for a sunny bridal shower or bridesmaid luncheon.




Chamapagne & Blood Oranges


This bright frozen slushie is a bubbly mix of champagne and fresh blood orange juice. Rather than using a blender for this, make ahead of time in a baking dish set inside your freezer to achieve the perfect consistency.




Riesling & Lime Juice


This tangy slushie using riesling, lime juice, and fresh berries (you can also use frozen–just adjust the ice accordingly) would go well with spicy seafood dishes at a backyard party.




Red Wine & Brandy


This sangria slushie packs a punch! For an even richer flavor, soak the fruit with all of the liqueurs listed in the recipe and a tablespoon of sugar overnight in your fridge.




White Wine & Ice Cream


For a slushie-meets-milkshake treat, combine fresh or frozen blueberries with vanilla ice cream, white wine, and ice for an unbeatable summer cocktail.




Vodka & Watermelon


Who doesn’t love a watermelon slushie? Take this frozen beverage to next-level greatness by adding a splash of balsamic vinegar and lime juice. In case you didn’t already know, balsamic is an awesome topping to fresh berries.




Gin & Berries


Want to really bring out the flavor in your fresh berries? This slushie calls for gin, which is an excellent complement. The recipe calls for strawberries, but we think it would be equally tasty with blackberries or raspberries.




Champagne & Tequila


We saved the best for last! This glass of sparkling perfection is all thanks to a delightful mixture of champagne, tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice. Needless to say, we were unable to resist making up a pitcher of these bad boys.