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10 Simple Wedding Cakes for a Minimalist Wedding

10 Simple Wedding Cakes for a Minimalist Wedding

Don’t want your cake to steal the show? Here are 10 wedding cakes perfect for the couple looking to make their choice sweet and simple. Because opting for a minimalist wedding does not mean you’re sacrificing personality.




White minimalist wedding cake



Succulent Beauty


It’s amazing what a little greenery can do for a cake. If flowers aren’t your thing, skip them and add succulent plants instead. They’re super popular right now and so cute!




Simple peach frosting wedding cake



Stick to One Design


Sometimes a cake can become overwhelmed with patterns and design. Try sticking to one pattern like this cake. Still, it’s beautiful, but with less effort!




Simple blue wedding cake



Cool Colors


A minimalist design doesn’t just mean white. Skip the frills and ruffles, but don’t be afraid to add some color to your minimalist wedding (both the cake and the ceremony!).




Simple wedding cake with flowers



It’s the Details


Your cake doesn’t have to have any decoration, it’s going to be scarfed down in a few hours anyway. Instead, focus on the details surrounding the cake; the flowers, the cake stand and candles.




Cute minimalist cake topper



Unique Toppers


Instead of having someone create a cake topper that kinda-sorta looks like you and your beau, take some pictures and make them your topper. You can make silly faces, or snap a shot of the two of you making heart eyes at one another. Truly one of a kind.




Simple square wedding cake



Shape Shifter


Cakes don’t just come round, you know. Sometimes a different shape is all you need to take your cake from ordinary to extraordinary.




Simple gold wedding cake



Add Some Bling


If you skipped the bling on your dress, put it on your cake! It’ll be quite the centerpiece at your reception.




Simple buttercream rosette wedding cake



One Tier Beauty


Whether you’re feeding a small crowd or have other desserts that you’re serving, opting for one simple tier is a great idea. It’ll save you money and ensure you don’t go home with lots of leftover cake.




Minimalist naked cake



Go Naked


There’s no place for fondant on this cake. Only fruit, which gives you and your partner the minimalist design you’re going for and your guests a break from all that sugar.




Simple matte black wedding cake



All Black Everything


The color white tends to steal the show when it comes to weddings, and if decor isn’t white, it’s usually a bright color. But if you’re wanting a sleek and classy look for your big day, why not try a black cake? If the thought of an all-black cake is too much, add some black detailing to your minimalist wedding instead.