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10 Tasty Desserts for Bridal Showers

10 Tasty Desserts for Bridal Showers



I’m going to tell you a not-so-well-kept secret: the real reason your friends attend a bridal shower is for the sweets.  So you had better be armed with some pretty delicious desserts, or they might riot.  We have gathered 10 recipes from our favorite food bloggers so that you can bribe your guests into playing those ridiculous party games!






Of course, cakes are a classic dessert to serve.  You can serve any type, but stick to lighter colors if you are worried about the carpet.  Coconut, lemon, buttercream, and angel food will save you from messy stains.  Otherwise, feel free to go as decadent as you want.  This chocolate chip cookie dough cake will appeal to all of your college friends who used to consume those refrigerated dough logs in one study session.







Or, go a little more sophisticated (but equally yummy) with a bee sting cake.  This cream-filled, almond cake is delicate and goes very well with tea.







If you don’t have a lot of seating, make sure to plan for people eating standing up. This means that finger foods are your friend. Cupcakes and bar cookies are just as traditional as cakes, but are easier to eat while walking around and chatting.  These s’mores cupcakes (below) would be a perfect fit for a camping-themed shower for your outdoorsy friend.











But plenty of people aren’t ‘cake’ people (I don’t understand them, but I know them and love them anyway).  Consider baking your pie-preferring bride a strawberry and mascarpone tart or bourbon pecan pie.








My favorite bridal showers are in the late morning/early afternoon to take advantage of brunch fare.  Sweets for these events are things like dense, sweet breads and homemade donuts (the recipe for the donuts shown below can even be made gluten-free).








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