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10 Winter Cocktails to Cure Cabin Fever

10 Winter Cocktails to Cure Cabin Fever

Weather getting you down? Throw an impromptu party and serve one of these fab drinks.

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Kir Royale


This classic drink sets the standard for winter cocktails. It’s sparkly, a little bit sweet, and very festive. A simple mix of champagne and creme de cassis, it feels ultra-fancy but is actually very easy to make.





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Peppermint White Russian


Wondering what to do with all those leftover candy canes? Use them to decorate these peppermint White Russians. These decadent cocktails are perfect for a night-in with your friends.




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Vanilla Pear Margarita


With pears in season, it’s the ideal time to make this vanilla pear margarita. Pear-flavored drinks go well with herbed foods and with dairy, so if you are planning on serving a cheese and fruit platter, this would be an excellent choice.




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Sparkling Cranberry Punch


When deciding which winter cocktails you should serve at your next bash, consider the mood of the evening. Often winter parties can feel a little more formal, so when you need an extra special drink, go with this sparkling cranberry punch.




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Winter Citrus Punch


Speaking of punch, it’s a party host’s best friend. Pour it into a pretty glass bowls and load it up with fruit slices. Guests can refill their own drinks, giving you extra time to work the room.




winter cocktail 6



Pomegranate Prosecco Cocktail


An intoxicating mix of pomegranate juice, rum, and prosecco, everyone will love this lively cocktail. While you could garnish the drink with pomegranate seeds, we think it looks prettier without.




winter cocktail 7



Ginger Rum Cider


Will your party be trekking into the snow? Bring along thermoses of this ginger rum apple cider to keep everyone toasty warm despite the cold temperatures.




winter cocktail 8



Ginger Lemon White Wine Cocktail


Likewise, if your guests are gathered around a roaring fire in the fireplace, they might want something light and crisp. This modern version of a white wine cocktail uses ginger and lemon.




winter cocktail 9



Green Chile Cocktail


For hosts that enjoy surprising their guests with something new and different, this green chile cocktail is terrific. The chile is balanced with pineapple syrup and lime juice, so it’s not too spicy.





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Aperol & Cayenne Jellies


You’re not in college anymore, so it’s time for your Jell-O shots to graduate to something more grown-up. These aperol and cayenne pepper jelly candies are dusted with sugar, but don’t let their sweet appearance fool you. These are definitely a little deadly.