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12 Ideas for Donut Walls & Displays

12 Ideas for Donut Walls & Displays
Donut you love these ideas? (We promise that’s our only pun.)



donut wall 1



Modern Pegboard


It doesn’t take much to put together a modern donut wall. All you need is pegs, pegboard, and any decor (such as paint or garland) to personalize it.




donut wall 2



Tabletop Size


Just because you are having an intimate destination wedding doesn’t mean you can use the latest trends. This mini donut wall fits easily on a table, and could also work for a bridal shower.



donut wall 3



For a Crowd


Likewise, when your guest list includes everyone you and your families have ever met, you need to feed a crowd. Take over an entire entry wall to make a powerfully delicious statement.



donut wall 4



Retro Inspired


Not having a modern or industrial-themed wedding? Save the pegboard and instead come up with a sleek retro design like this bubblegum pink rack shown here.




donut wall 5



Ombre Hues


When you want your palette front and center, consider an ombre donut wall. Use a white or neutral wall to make your colors the star.




donut wall 6



Reusable Frame


If you are DIYing your donut wall, design one that you can re-arrange for another purpose later. For example, with the addition of a piece of corkboard you could turn this framed “wall” into a place for your keys and messages in your new home.




donut wall 7



Tasty Backdrop


Merge your treats with your decor when you use your donut wall as a backdrop. Create dynamic texture and color by using a wide assortment of donuts with sprinkles, coconut, and smooth icing.




donut wall 8



Labeled Shelves


Does your favorite bakery serve an array of specialty donuts? When labeling is important, consider a donut wall with shelves rather than pegs.




donut wall 9



Vertical Stacks


If you are limited on space at your venue, go vertical! Rather than a donut wall, create high towers of donuts on wooden dowels. It can have the same modern effect without the need for a blank wall.




donut wall 10



Colorful Trays


Want to serve donuts at a bridesmaid brunch or bridal shower? Find a set of bright trays and layer technicolor donuts on top.




donut wall 11



Portable Snacks


Particularly if you have a large or spread-out wedding venue, your guests may want to wander around. They can munch on donut holes in paper cones while mingling with acquaintances.




donut wall 12



Cake Pops Alternative


The popularity of cake pops has pretty much proven that any food can go on a stick. Instead of cake, serve cute donut holes for a tasty bite on your way to the dance floor.