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12 Spectacular Boho Wedding Cakes with a Southwest Vibe

12 Spectacular Boho Wedding Cakes with a Southwest Vibe



Dazzle your desert wedding guests with one of these boho wedding cakes.






Southwest Geodes


This exciting wedding cake trio is an eclectic mix of the latest geode trend and Southwestern design. Cakes like these would be great for a boho event with an earth-toned color palette.







Feathers & Bright Blooms


This darling wedding cake celebrates the prettiest of boho with its bright pink gumpaste flowers, succulents, and feather, all on top of a chic buttercream cake.







Southwest Glam


Don’t forget that boho wedding cakes can have an ultra-glam side. This stunning cake features two different patterns and gold accents throughout, including a gold-tipped feather to tie it all together.







Subtle & Streamlined


Likewise, boho weddings can also feature a cooler palette with subtle and streamlined details. This tablescape’s muted decor and white and gold wedding cake glowed in the sunset light.









Boho’s desert festival roots are definitely evidenced in this painted wedding cake. Highlight these bright hues throughout your wedding decor for a joyful, lighthearted vibe.







Desert Blooms


Sure, the Southwest is filled with a lot of muted, dreamy earth tones. But it’s also home to bright flowers and vivid sunset hues. Celebrate all of the desert landscape’s beauty with a colorful, vibrant wedding cake like the one shown here.







Illustrated Decor


Love the watercolor illustrations that are trending in boho style right now? Let your cake blossom with this illustration-inspired floral design. And as an adorable bonus, this wedding cake was accompanied with cactus cupcakes.







Matching Cupcakes


Southwestern boho weddings can definitely get hot. Sometimes it’s too hot to keep a towering wedding cake from melting into a pile of buttercream. If you want weather-friendly desserts, try cupcakes. We love the simple blue and gold feathers that match this wedding’s cake.







Simple & Natural


Want a more modern and minimalist boho wedding cake? Decorate your dessert with berries and local flowers, such as the thistles and blueberries seen here.







Wildflower Topper


Wildflowers aren’t just for boho floral crowns. You can use them in your centerpieces and even to top your own classic wedding cake.







Modern Succulents


Boho doesn’t have to be completely hippie-chic. This funny cake topper and succulent decor is great for a relaxed, modern boho event.







Moroccan Flavor


Sure, boho is mostly inspired by Southwestern elements, but it also gets a lot of influence from Moroccan design. Infuse your wedding cake with both by finding a design that incorporates all aspects of boho’s roots.