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15 Festive Appetizers & Snacks for Entertaining

Amazing appetizer ideas for any wedding (or non-wedding) event. 

If you’re anything like us, you could pretty much live off of appetizers (okay, and desserts).  Party foods are a blast no matter how big your crowd is.  Whether you are throwing your own shindig or attending a never-ending list of family potlucks and office parties, here are 15 spectacular appetizers to try!

Above, think of appetizers as you would street food, It should be yummy, a little bit unhealthy, and (above all) portable. These seafood fritters (above) are just the ticket for a delish nosh.

Snack foods like spiced nuts can help round out a holiday buffet table. We think these herbed cashews (below) look pretty darn amazing.


Can’t decide what your friends will love?  A sure bet is anything carb.  Go for bruschetta with tomato spread (above, left) or completely addictive garlic knots (above, right) for a surefire win.  Take cheddar biscuits to a whole new level with a flavorful savory jam (below). We guarantee that there won’t be any left to take home.

You can also transform a traditional appetizer choice with something completely unique to wow your guests.  Wrap bacon around persimmon instead of the usual figs and coat them with tangy barbeque sauce.

Deviled eggs normally go fast at a party. And these jalapeno popper ones are sure to be popular with those who like their food on the spicy side.

Pair your drinks with your snack food with one of these over-the-top Blood Mary cocktails with grilled cheese garnish. It’s one of those things that you never knew you always wanted until you see it.  Perfect for a game day brunch!


Are you a busy couple?  Not everyone has the time or opportunity to whip up something complicated in the kitchen.  Your saving grace will be finding a great recipe for a dip or sauce. No one will care that you totally just sliced up supermarket French bread or undid a wrapper full of Ritz if you made an amazing dip. You can find one that is quick to make in your blender, such as a hummus (above, left) or one that you can leave in a slow cooker for the day while you are at work (above, right).


Things that guests prepare themselves, such as street-style tacos are also a time saver. Just put out the ingredients and you are good to go!

Want something just a tiny bit healthy for your buffet? We understand. Even the heartiest junk food lovers appreciate a palate cleanser.  Veggie side dishes sprinkled with dynamic spices can make great appetizers.

Most salads might be a little too messy to serve as an appetizer at a big party. But one like the mozzarella and blood orange recipe below is ideal. Guests can pick up a manageable portion and eat them from a small plate.  Plus, it’s seriously pretty.

Need some drinks to go with these small bites?  Try one of these bourbon cocktails!

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