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17 Fondant Wedding Cakes You’ll Love

Here are 17 pictures of wedding cakes using fondant that we think you will fall in love with!

Somehow in the vintage wedding craze of the last five years, fondant wedding cakes fell out of favor (understandably, the topsy turvy cake craze of the early 2000s may be to blame). Sure, swirls of buttercream are delightful, but we also love the smooth glassiness of a fondant confection. These cakes prove our point.


From bold and geometric to sweetly romantic, fondant cakes work for any theme.  Fondant can create so many things that buttercream simply can’t. Bakers can add stamps (below) or texture to the fondant and then transfer it directly to your cake (this is how the white textured ruffles were created on the cake above).

Big fan of mini cakes or cupcakes?  The latest trend in fondant is tiny toppers that perfectly fit your sugary bites (below).


Watercolor cakes are some of our favorite fondant confections. Providing an unblemished surface for the design, the sweeps of color really shine through. And as much as we love a pleated skirt, we adore this pleated cake (above, right) with its bright hues and cool texture.

Is your wedding decor all about the greenery?  Keep to your theme with a Southwestern inspired cake (above) or just a simple design featuring gumpaste succulents or ferns.


Winter weddings are all about glamour. With fondant you can have a elegantly dark cake featuring luxurious patterns and finishes (above). Art Deco brides will love how the cutouts on their wedding cake can mirror the scallops on the beading of their dress (below).

Today’s modern weddings involve a lot of mixing and matching. We love how these two cakes above blend different patterns and colors to create something utterly unique.

The latest from the runway is a whole lot of lace.  With the help of fondant’s sturdiness, you can have your baker use it either as a smooth backdrop (above) or to create textured lace layers (below).

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