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4 Group-Gift Ideas for the Higher End of Your Registry

4 Group-Gift Ideas for the Higher End of Your Registry

Have guests split the cost of these big-ticket presents.

You really want some expensive items on your registry, but you know that they’re too pricey for the average guest to purchase. What’s a couple to do? Thanks to group-gifting, you can still include them! When you let attendees go in together on a bigger present, everyone wins. You get the products that you crave, and they can coordinate with others to contribute the amount that feels right to them. Below, a list of five types of things that work great for these collaborations. Of course, keep in mind your audience when selecting price points for yours.



Usually, beds, sofas, and other large pieces of furniture cost a pretty penny. That doesn’t mean that you have to nix them, however. Just give guests the option of splitting the cost. A classic sectional like this one is worth it.

Mermelada Estudio ‘District’ Sectional, $1999,


Travel accessories add up, and especially when you need different sizes. Attendees can pool their resources for a big suitcase, or split up the items in a set, for example.

Away Suitcase Set, $495,


Electronics aren’t cheap, but that’s okay. Get quality tech items without breaking your celebrants’ banks by making them group-gift options. That includes those cool appliances that you thought were out of reach.

SMEG Mini Refrigerator, $999,   

An Experience

Material possessions aren’t the only things worthy of group gifting. Many modern couples ask their attendees to help fund experiences, like a vacation (ahem, your honeymoon).