Wedding Planning

Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

Unforgettable dessert alternatives to the traditional wedding layer cake.

Are five tiers of vanilla buttercream just not for you? There are plenty of other unforgettable dessert options to consider.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Do you and your honey love banana pudding? Chocolate eclairs? Churros with dipping sauce? You could serve any one of these at your event. To increase their visual appeal, have the caterer serve them in cute individual containers.

Everyone loves a buffet.

A table filled with sweet treats will make guests of any age happy. You can vary the items, or stick with a theme. Suggestions for sweet tables: nostalgic candy, pastries, donuts, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates. You can create themes with colors, flavors, or shapes.

Go seasonal.

Summer weddings are exponentially better with an ice cream truck. Autumn weddings demand pies. A Fourth of July wedding just wouldn’t be the same without strawberry shortcake. If you are searching for a dessert to serve at your wedding, be inspired by the date of your wedding.

Maybe something not-so-sweet.

If dessert just isn’t what the two of you love, serve something like fruit and cheese plates, or something salty-sweet like a selection of gourmet kettle corn or savory ice creams.

Photo Credit: Drozian Photoworks