Wedding Planning

Ask the Editor: How do I Pick a Caterer?

The ultimate guide to picking the right caterer for your wedding.

We’ve decided that we want a fun buffet of appetizers at our reception, but I am just so overwhelmed by the amount of caterers out there. We’ve been to a few different tastings, and everything has been delicious. How do we choose which caterer? – DeeDee, Evansville, IN

First, if you already have an idea about the type of food you want to serve, start your research by finding caterers that specialize in the cuisine you want. Many caterers have a wide range of food they offer, but many have specialties. For example, if you find a caterer that seems to tend towards Asian cooking, and you want Italian, it doesn’t make much sense to hire them. Find a caterer that is well-versed and enjoys preparing the type of food you want.

Second, look for a caterer who has all the food and beverage services you are wanting. Perhaps you want to use the same company for your food, bar, and cake. Find people that are going to be able to accommodate what you need, as well as the size of your wedding easily.

Third, let’s say you want mozzarella cheese sticks and potato skins as your ‘fun buffet of appetizers.’  If you tell the caterer this, and they instead suggest appetizers of foie gras and caviar, keep shopping. You have enough to worry about with wedding planning than to deal with fighting with the caterer over your vision.