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Beyond Vanilla: 20 Wedding Cake Flavors to Consider

Beyond Vanilla: 20 Wedding Cake Flavors to Consider

Mocha– For the coffee lovers, this combo of espresso and chocolate flavors is a clear winner.



Red Velvet– Although this trend experienced a serious rise in popularity a couple of years ago, this has been a classic cake for quite some time due to its subtle cocoa flavor and rich cream cheese frosting.



Italian Cream– This delicious cake (and my personal favorite) is a blend of almonds (or pecans), coconut, and a touch of buttermilk for a nice tanginess. And when frosted with a mascarpone-based frosting, this cake is positively perfect!



Funfetti– One of the most popular trends this year, the most beloved cake of our grade school days has made a comeback.Definitely fun!



funfetti cake



Coconut– A coconut cake with fluffy coconut icing is just about the prettiest cake ever.


Hummingbird–A Southern staple for decades, this unique cake combines banana, pineapple, pecans, and spices. Usually paired with a cream cheese frosting.


Chocolate Chip–Fun, but still formal, a chocolate chip cake and be paired with just about anything for a filling and icing. Try incorporating flavors of orange, raspberry, toffee, or caramel.



Carrot–Loving carrot cake is like loving Christmas fruitcake. Is it everybody’s favorite? No. But if you adore the combo of rich, moist carrot cake and decadent cream cheese frosting, you should go for it.


Lemon–This citrusy gem is ideal for a summer wedding, and can be accompanied by a wide variety of frostings, from key lime to milk chocolate.


Orange Blossom–It’s definitely one of the most delicate citrus wedding cakes.  Keep it simple with a lightly scented vanilla frosting or glaze.


Grasshopper– It’s like the power of the Andes mint in a cake. Mint and chocolate is a winning combination.


Spice– Perfect for autumn weddings, this soul-satisfying cake goes best with a rustic theme.





Pink Champagne– For those wanting to up the femininity quotient on their wedding day, this pink confection will suit you just fine! A great cake for a multi-layered ombre effect.


German Chocolate–Not just for groom’s cakes any longer, this dessert favorite will make your guests very happy.


Amaretto– Disaronno references aside, these cakes are refined, unique, and very addictive (you will sneak two pieces, trust me). Fantastic when paired with an apricot filling.


White Chocolate– When you want a perfectly white cake, but with something beyond vanilla flavoring, turn to white chocolate. Use a classic combo like raspberry, or go for a richer option like milk chocolate.


Peanut Butter– You can complement this cake with a variety of fillings, such as banana cream, dark chocolate ganache, or a simple custard.


Irish Cream– Wish you could extend cocktail hour? Try a Irish Cream flavored cake.


Nutella– Anyone who has tried this delectable spread knows how fantastic it is when chocolate and hazelnut come together.


Marble–Combine the best of both worlds with a chocolate and vanilla cake. Or blend together other flavors, such as peanut butter and chocolate or white chocolate and lemon. Just make sure that the colors are different enough to show off the marble effect.



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