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Brunch Cocktails to Serve at Bridal Showers

Brunch Cocktails to Serve at Bridal Showers

These delicious drinks are perfect for a bridal shower brunch.


Gin & Lavender Latte

Okay, so this first one may sound a little odd, but it’s a necessity to add to your brunch cocktails list if your bridal shower guests have discriminating palates. An intoxicating blend of espresso, almond milk, gin, and lavender simply syrup, this herbal beverage is perfect with a simple farm-to-table meal.


Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

Possibly one of the more genteel brunch beverages we’ve tried, this Earl Grey tea cocktail is lovely and light. An excellent choice for a warm day, especially when served with decadent pastries like scones and fruit danishes.


Classic Greyhound

Often overlooked in favor of a screwdriver, greyhounds are such a cool classic cocktail. The recipe calls for grapefruit juice and vodka, pairing well with rich, savory breakfast foods.


Strawberry-Mango White Sangria

Although red wine sangria is the most popular, a white wine version is great for a refreshing drink at an a.m. bridal shower. This recipe is made with strawberry and mango, but during summer you can use whatever berries and fruits are in season (such as blackberries and peaches).


Blackberry & Elderflower Sparkling Cocktail

Speaking of blackberries, this sparkling berry beverage is a great alternative to a traditional mimosa. If you want to provide a little variety, create a bubble bar with different juices to mix in with their champagne.


Peach & Green Tea Frozen Daiquiri

In the middle of summer, your guests might want to seriously cool off at your brunch bridal shower. Serve these delicate and refined frozen daiquiries flavored with peaches and green tea.


Green Monster Bloody Mary

So we’ve all seen Bloody Mary cocktails loaded down with a breakfast’s worth of bacon, pickled vegetables, olives, and prawns. This recipe’s green hue is due to tomatillos and the impressive amount of garnish is an eclectic mix of Tex-Mex cuisine. Clearly, if you serve these brunch cocktails, you don’t need to make much else.


Boozy Lucky Charms Milkshake

When you get together with your favorite girlfriends, it’s easy to be a kid at heart. These boozy milkshakes are a lighthearted combination of sugary-sweet flavors. Make sure to have something savory to eat with them!


Coconut Iced Coffee with Doughnut Garnish

Another decadent breakfast drink is this coconut iced coffee with your choice of liqueur (we think it’s awesome with Kahlua or Tuaca) and add a mini doughnut for the greatest garnish ever.


Grown-Up White Hot Chocolate

For chilly mornings, your bridal shower guests will love this grown-up version of white hot chocolate. Just remember to serve with plenty of whipped cream and a dash of sprinkles!