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Celebrate With These 10 Herbal Cocktails

Celebrate With These 10 Herbal Cocktails

These 10 refreshing drinks use fresh herbs for added flavor.


infused sage cocktail


The Saggio


A strong cocktail with complex flavors, the Saggio straddles the line between sweet and savory. Mixing sage leaves with blueberry vodka and white cranberry juice, it is an adventurous alternative for those who normally drink vodka crans.


peach slushie cocktail


Peach, Ginger & Mint Slushie


The most popular cocktail trend of the summer, a frozen slushie is a cool way to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. This one mixes sunny peaches with chopped ginger and fresh mint. It’s made with vodka, so the overall flavor is a crisp example of herbal cocktails.


summer tequila sangria


Tequila Sangria


Unwrap that melon baller you registered for to create this warm-weather cocktail. This drink recipe calls for watermelon, peach, and mango to be added to a muddled combination of silver tequila and a hearty handful of fresh mint. Pour white wine over the mixture and let it sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours to allow all of the flavors to marry together.


bay laurel martini


Bay Laurel Martini


Prepare an infused vermouth ahead of time for this savory drink. Combine dry vermouth with bay leaves and let it steep in your refrigerator for several days for the best potency. Shake together the vermouth and vodka (or gin, if you prefer) and then add lemon and more bay leaves.


blueberry basil smash


Blueberry Basil Smash


Have you ever grown basil? If you have, then you know how many leaves one plant can produce. Use some of it in this fun and icy cocktail that uses gin to bring out the winning combo of blueberries, basil, and lemon.


lavender vodka lemonade


Vodka Lavender Lemonade


The best herbal cocktails effortlessly blend complementary flavors together. Lavender and lemon are a particularly tasty pair. Take a break from the summer heat and enjoy this vodka lemonade with lavender.


blood orange cocktail


Blood Orange & Rosemary Cocktail


This cocktail requires some prep work, but you’ll love the fruits of your labor! First, you need to steep a simple syrup made of fresh rosemary, honey, and sugar. Later, add it to a cocktail of gin and blood orange juice. For an increased flavor, use whole sprigs of rosemary as garnish.


lemon verbena cocktail


Tropical Lemon Verbena Lemonade


Lemon verbena is one of those herbs that smells sweet and light, and is a no-brainer to add to a cocktail. This tropical option blends together lemon verbena with a vodka lemonade and pineapple juice.


simple shower punch


Floral Fruit Punch


Need a punch for a bridal shower? Try this herbal version that is deceptively strong (it calls for no less than 4 spirits), but also unique by adding rosemary and thyme in whole sprigs to the bowl.


strawberry chamomile cocktail


Strawberry Chamomile Paloma


Isn’t berry season just the best? This light cocktail uses chamomile, strawberries, grapefruit juice, and tequila to create the perfect garden party beverage.