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Classic Cocktails with a Holiday Twist

Classic Cocktails with a Holiday Twist

Want to add a little holiday spirit to your bar menu? Try one of these clever recipes.


To serve holiday-themed drinks you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve found 10 classic cocktails that have each been given a seasonal twist.




Love the creaminess of a Brandy Alexander? Instead of cream, use eggnog and sprinkle a hearty dose of nutmeg on top.





An ingredient used in a variety of holiday desserts, star anise has a unique, spicy flavor. Make a syrup with brown sugar, vanilla bean, and star anise and add to prosecco for a delightful sparkling cocktail.




Herbal drinks are all the rage right now. This gin gimlet uses a homemade rosemary-honey syrup, making it a terrific pairing with rich poultry dishes.




A more savory option to drink with dinner is this delicious vodka martini with black pepper and garlic. The holiday season is often full of decadent sweets, this cocktail is a great alternative for those who would prefer a little less sugar.


It doesn’t get more classic than an Old Fashioned. A sophisticated bourbon drink, this holiday version features maple, making it totally brunch-ready.


If you registered for copper mugs, break them out for the next two cocktails. Above, this pumpkin ale cider is a fun twist on the usual apple-flavored variety.




Chances are that if you have copper mugs, you love Moscow Mules. Santa will definitely want this peppermint and pomegranate version instead of milk and cookies.



One of our favorite things about the holidays is that mandarin oranges are in season. Put them to good use with this mandarin mojito.




Got some extra cranberries after Thanksgiving dinner? Add them to this intoxicating cranberry margarita with citrus simply syrup and then pour into glasses with salted rims.




Of course, when you really need to get the party started (or you just need help coping with your crazy relatives), it’s time to skip the classic cocktails and go straight to shots. These cool shot glass molds can be used to make chocolate or ice glasses decorated with holiday ingredients.