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DIY Perfect Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake

DIY Perfect Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake



If you love the look of a traditional wedding cake, but really prefer the sophisticated and healthier savory option of a fruit and cheese plate dessert, you can have your “cake” and eat it too by buying (or creating) a cake made out of cheese wheels.



Cheese cake



Think About Size And Color When You Buy Cheese


The cheeses you buy for your wedding cheese wheel cakes will all be stacked together to create a tiered cake look. Therefore, to work well, they need to get smaller as they go up. Depending on how many people you are serving there is a real art to finding cheese brands that offer the right diversity of color, texture and diameter to make this look work well. To create a balanced effect you want to make sure each wheel is at least 1″-2″ smaller in diameter than the one it is resting on.




Fig cheese wedding cake



Don’t Buy Cheese On Looks Alone


While everyone wants to make a beautiful and balanced cheese plate featuring different types of cheese (goat, hard, creamy, blue etc.), the taste of your wedding cake is the most important thing. Work with an artisan cheese vendor who will let you sample every type of cheese you are considering so you cane make sure they are truly delicious, as well as beautiful.




Extra tiers of top cheeses



Order Extra Cheese Wheels Of The Top Tier Cheeses


If you plan to have your wedding cheese cake get smaller as it gets taller, it can create an awkward moment for your caterer or guests when the time comes to plate the layers, as the small wheel at the top is hard to split between everyone attending your wedding. Order a few extras of whatever variety you have at the top to ensure everyone gets a slice.




Tiered Cheese Cake with Fruit



Use Hard Cheese On The Bottom Of Your Cheese Wheel Cake


Remember that your cheese tower is going to have to hold itself up. Selecting hard cheeses (or cheeses with very hard rinds) for the bottom layers will help ensure stability. If you want to use a softer cheese lower down you can cut a circle in the center and place some kind of support there as an assist, such as glass tupperware or a small egg cup.




Flag topper on cheese wheel cake



It’s Okay To Stay Small


The rule of thumb is to buy 2.5 to 3.5 ounces (70-100 grams) of cheese per wedding guest. If you are having a small reception (or are planning to serve other desserts too) and don’t want to have a ton of leftover cheese, but want a larger cheese cake, you an layer in fruit and even interesting cake stands to help build up the display. Don’t feel obliged to make a huge wedding cake entirely out of cheese!




Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake



Order Your Cheese Ahead Of Time


Cheese can keep for quite a while, and you do not want to be trying to prep everything on the day of your actual wedding. If you are doing a DIY wedding cheese wheel cake, order the layers ahead of time and keep them in your fridge. Cheese should be served at room temperature, so you can actually create your cake a day or two before your event and leave it out to thaw.


Wedding cakes made from cheese are growing in popularity. If you are planning a DIY wedding, this is a great way to have a delicious and beautiful dessert without spending a fortune. Make sure to bring tupperware to take the extras home in, or let guests grab “to go” bags of cheese and fruit to enjoy at home so nothing is wasted.