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Easy Wedding Punch Recipes

Easy Wedding Punch Recipes


You know what’s easier than a bunch of made-to-order cocktails?  Punch.  There’s a reason why it’s a party staple.  Keep your guests refreshed with one (or more, we’re not judging) of these delicious punch recipes!  When taking a look at the following ten drink recipes, we have also included a few helpful tips to remember when making your own concoction.







What kind of container will you use?  If you want to serve a punch with lots of garnish (above, right), you don’t want to use a large jar with a tap.  You’ll be dealing with unclogging it the entire reception.







Icy, but not watered down.  You want to keep your punch cool, but if you throw a bunch of ice cubes into your punch bowl, it’s going to lose its kick.  You can either put the punch bowl or beverage jars in ice, or you can use this ingenious idea and create a large ice ring with flowers and herbs in a bundt pan.  It will take much longer to melt and also infuse the punch with fruity flavor.







Spiked, or not.  All of these recipes could be made with or without alcohol.  If you want to forgo the booze, add seltzer water, water, or juice.









Keep serving sizes, and the temperature in mind.  A hot day + fruity drinks can quickly lead to requiring a fleet of taxi cabs following your reception.  Make sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic refreshing options for your guests to drink on warm, sunny days.  Also, don’t overdo the alcohol in the punch bowl. This isn’t a frat party, it’s your wedding. And the last thing you want is someone acting all crazazy around grandma (unless your grandma is cool like that).  One ounce of alcohol per serving is more than enough, especially for drinks that are so sweet and fruity, people can’t really taste the liquor anyway.









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