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Fall Cocktail Recipes for Your Autumn Wedding

Fall Cocktail Recipes for Your Autumn Wedding

We recommend sampling all of these fall cocktail recipes before deciding on your very favorite. You know, just to be sure.

fall fig cocktail

Fig & Honey Cocktail

This pretty cocktail is refined and light. Made with a puree of figs, the gin drink is sweetened with honey and ginger ale. For a stronger flavor, use a zestier ginger ale or ginger beer, for a more subdued drink use Canada Dry.

Manhattan with wine

Red Moon Over Manhattan

This collection of fall cocktail recipes is not only tasty, but also visually appealing. A dynamic blend of red wine and bourbon, this autumnal take on a classic Manhattan is definitely attention-grabbing. It’s stunning maroon hue and dark cherry garnish makes this drink perfect for a glamorous event.

pineapple jalapeno sangria

Pineapple Jalapeno Sangria

Is your wedding on the cusp of summer and fall? This pineapple jalapeno sangria is a tasty transitional cocktail for when there is a nip in the air, but the sun is still bright and shining. A zesty blend of sweet citrus and spicy jalapeno, this beverage is suprisingly refreshing after a few turns on the dance floor.

rum old fashioned

Aged Rum Old Fashioned

This sophisticated cocktail calls for aged rum rather than whiskey to create a signature drink that your guests will savor. Even though this isn’t a hot beverage, the rich rum will definitely warm up your friends and family at your autumn event.

tequila chile cocktail

The Little Devil

This spicy-sweet cocktail is called “The Little Devil” for good reason. A mix of tequila, ancho chile liqueur, mezcal (an agave liqueur), and a blend of fruit juices and syrups, this drink will get the party started.

cucumber ginger sangria

Cucumber & Ginger Sangria

Ginger is a common ingredient in many fall food favorites. Complement your flavors with this cucumber and ginger white wine sangria. It’s light and unassuming, but a little more complicated than the average summer cocktail.

mandarin orange mojito

Mandarin Orange Mojito

During late fall and early winter, mandarin oranges are deliciously in season. Change up the usual mojito by substituting mandarins for limes. The orange pairs well with mint and the beverage is also a beautiful color.

vegan buttered rum

Coconut Buttered Rum

While this isn’t the frothy, creamy hot buttered rum you might drink during the holiday season, this is a fabulous spiced cocktail that even your vegan guests can partake in. Simmered with an abundance of fall spices and coconut oil (to give it a rich texture), drink this around a crackling fire.

apple rose sangria

Apple Rosé Sangria

Fall is definitely the best time of year for apples. Mix spiced apples with rosé to create an utterly unique sangria. With its slightly poisoned apple vibe, we think this would be a gorgeous cocktail for an October event.

maple old fashioned

Maple Old Fashioned

Another wonderful fall flavor is maple. If you plan on serving barbeque or other smoked dishes, a maple cocktail will go so well with your dinner. This cocktail uses maple syrup and bourbon to create a fun version of an Old Fashioned.