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Fun Fall Wedding Cake Toppers

Fun Fall Wedding Cake Toppers
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Ruffles of buttercream, edible metallic foil, hand-painted sugar flowers: Such accents add up to a beautiful wedding cake, the star of the reception. This traditional confection is an artful statement that punctuates the wedding with an aesthetic exclamation mark. Wedding cake toppers? You can bet they’ll be noticed. Although they’re a little detail, they pack a big punch. To help you get inspired, we’ve listed the most creative fall-inspired cake toppers around from Etsy, Amazon and Walmart. Let your sweet masterpiece create lasting memories by choosing one of the selections below.


Finding the Best Fall Wedding Cake Toppers



Fall wedding cake toppers take on the spirit of the season with pumpkins (in orange or ivory), Halloween themes (bride-and-groom skeletons in a getaway car), bird motifs (including turkeys for Thanksgiving) and more. We love a topper that, like a tiny mascot, reflects your and your fiancé’s personalities, whether it highlights a hobby (camping) or makes a statement true to the season (autumn woodland animals).



How to Choose a Unique Fall Wedding Cake Topper



We confess: We’re of the splurge mindset when it comes to wedding cake toppers. You might not see it now, but in future years a wedding cake topper, encased in a glass cloche, can sit on your mantel and bring back a flood of memories. If you’re going the personalized route having an artisan create diminutive models of you and your beloved, for example — you can expect to pay from $35 for a tiny bride and groom made from wooden pegs up to $100 – $225 for a more exact model made of clay.




Fall includes an array of traditional colors — rust, burnt orange, sunflower yellow, cream and chocolate brown. You really can’t go wrong with these harmonious combinations. Such warm tones reflect the season and its changing colors of nature — and don’t forget deep ruby red if you want to amp up the naturalistic look of a topper.




Any style works in a cake topper for fall, from sincere to humorous (ahem, skeletons in a getaway car!). If your cake topper features florals, think about flowers that bloom in fall shades, such as sunflowers, roses, dahlias, mums and Gerbera daisies.



Material & Other Features:

Rustic materials, such as wood, pine cones or grape vines, infuse a fall wedding cake topper with that autumn vibe. Mini hay bales? Yes, please! Cute little pumpkins? Definitely! Fall is a glorious season from which to seek inspiration, so go for it with complete enthusiasm.



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Most Unique

Passion Arte Camping Tent Wedding Cake Topper


There are those among us who think camping is every bit as romantic as a stay in a 5-star resort. If you and your fiancé are of that opinion, this is the perfect cake topper for you. This miniature camping scene includes a tent with a personalized wedding banner, a campfire, a tree stump and leaves featuring fall colors (dark red, dark green, orange, brown and gold). The romance is seen through the feet peeking out of the tent; they can be crafted in a sleeping position or in a “naughty/hot” position.

The tent is made of felt, while the other details are molded from clay. The bottom is made of clear plastic so that the topper will stay clean on the cake and can be used afterward as a keepsake.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The custom cake topper I ordered is absolutely adorable! It's clearly crafted with love and care, and the details are incredible. Each little leaf, the fireplace, the rocks, they all look so real and beautiful!

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Best Halloween Theme

Those Days Bride & Groom Skeletons Wedding Cake Topper


The word “charming” undoubtedly describes this slightly spooky cake topper featuring bride and groom skeletons. All gussied up for their wedding day, the groom wears a black top hat and the bride wears a tulle veil with a black pearl crown (the veil can be made from black, ivory or white tulle). The bride holds a paper rose that can be customized in one of 28 color choices. This Halloween-themed couple sits in an old black pick-up truck, which can be filled with moss, hay bales or burlap. The license plate features the couple’s initials in their choice of font. This fall wedding cake topper is perfect for a Halloween or Day of the Dead wedding.

Made of plastic, metal, paper flower, tulle and moss, hay or burlap.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is so, so cute! Christina was so very nice to customize it for us. We can't wait to use it for our October wedding.

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Best Personalized

Fairy Tales Handmade Fall Topper with Pets and Pumpkins


Pets and pumpkins: You can have them both on this enchanting cake topper that can be completely personalized. All you have to do is provide the artisans at Fairy Tales Handmade with your specifications and they will create this fall-inspired cake topper full of intimate details. There are a lot of personalized figurines in the world of wedding cake toppers, but rarely do you see one this detailed. We especially love the tiny animals that sit at the couple’s feet!

The groom and bride stand approximately 5.9 inches tall and are made of clay.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We love our cake topper! The seller, Anna, was always timely with her responses and very kind. Her work is fantastic. We love the attention to detail.

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Cutest Animal Theme

Felt 4 Soul Felted Bear Fox Cake Topper


This tiny bear-and-fox couple will add whimsy to your wedding cake. Artist Nadia Morgan created this topper with a needle felting technique entirely by hand. Infused with humor, this charming woodland duo is imbued with an autumn spirit. The fox wears a veil and holds a bouquet of fall-colored berries. The groom wears a polka dot bow tie. Nothing says romance like an interspecies couple!

It is approximately 7 inches high. Made of wool, beads, yarn, lace, pins, ribbon and thread.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Absolutely adorable! These are beautifully made. My daughter and her new husband loved them!

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Best Vintage Theme

Jolie En Rose Vintage Autumn Art Deco Moon Topper


This romantic cake topper is inspired by photos that couples took with “paper moon” backdrops during the 1920s and 1930s, making it perfect for a vintage-loving couple (especially if the wedding is Art Deco themed). The bride and groom stand on a crescent moon surrounded by copper stars that infuse the topper with the orange tones of autumn. It is handcrafted from an original illustration by artist Kristin Shoemaker, who specializes in vintage-style artworks. Printed on premium glossy cover stock, it features German glass glitter and luminescent mica. The back is printed with a vintage music sheet and embellished with a hand glittered star for 3-D beauty. What a gorgeous keepsake that can easily be placed in a wedding album or frame.

Made of premium glossy cover paper, a bamboo pick, German glass glitter and luminescent mica.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an absolutely beautiful custom cake topper! The seller was easy to work with, as well as very communicative and patient with all my questions. And did I mention talented?

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Best Fall Animals Theme

The Prince’s Props Rustic Deer Wedding Cake Toppers


This buck and doe as a bride and groom works perfectly for fall, when these white-tailed creatures are prancing through the forests with wild abandon. The bride comes with a full-length veil topped with a tiny bow; the veil can be ordered in a white or off white color. The handsome groom wears a formal black bow tie, as well as a top hat. This topper certainly brings a touch of naturalistic whimsy to a wedding cake.

Made of glue, netting, ribbon, hat and paint.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are absolutely adorable and are perfect for the top of my son's wedding cake! They were exactly as described. Great product and great workmanship. The hunt was over for a cake topper as soon as we found these.

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Best Fall Nautical Theme

Mini Life Rings Adirondack Chairs & Pumpkins Wedding Cake Topper


What an awesomely specific cake topper: Not only is it fall themed, it’s nautical themed. It’s perfect for the couple who loves sailing, is getting married on a boat or plans to take a cruise on their honeymoon. The two black Adirondack chairs, topped with a veil and top hat, blend in well with the two pumpkins, but you can choose an alternate chair color. The mini life ring can also be personalized to your own words and color. Bonus: The topper comes with 10 extra fall leaves so that you can decorate the rest of your cake to match.

This topper can be made with colors to compliment the wedding colors.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We bought this item for our cruise wedding in November 2019. It came out perfectly and I’m completely in love!

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Best Thanksgiving Theme

Sugar Plum Cottage Turkey Cake Topper


Gorgeous fall colors are found in every feather of this darling turkey duo. This wedding cake topper works well for a Thanksgiving-oriented affair; these two obviously got their pardon and are on their way to wedded bliss! The groom sports a black top hat and black bow tie, and the bride wears a veil. If you are creative and have a sense of humor, get this topper and then say “gobble, gobble” as you eat your cake!

This topper measures 3 inches tall and 2 ¼ inches long.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love, love, love this topper. I call my fiance turkey and he calls me duck, and the custom turkey groom and duck bride are perfect for us and our big day!

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Most Rustic

Simple Rustic Store Bride Groom Cake Topper with Pine Cones


Are you planning a rustic woodland wedding this fall? Then this is the topper for you. This “bride and groom” pair of pine cones stand on a slice of wood that is adorned with moss. The “bride” wears a veil trimmed in diminutive flowers. The groom wears an interesting hat made of birch bark topped with tiny acorns. Of course, this nattily-attired groom wears a bow tie, which is made of rustic twine.

Made of natural materials and faux flowers.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It's perfect! I will order again. Thank you for good communication. I am happy.

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Best Classic Option

Happily Ever After Wood Rustic Wedding Cake Topper


Many satisfied customers have posted their wedding cake photos on Amazon just to show the world how awesome this cake topper looks on a monumental confection. It’s tailor-made for a rustic wedding (it looks great on top of a white cake trimmed in sunflowers, which one reviewer posted). Handmade in America, this topper features a slice of wood topped by a heart. The phrase “Happily Ever After” is engraved and hand burned into the wood for a more rustic look. The couple’s initials can be added.

The heart is 4.5 inches tall and the base diameter is 3.5 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This was one of my favorite things I purchased for my wedding! It was so adorable on top of the cake and I received many compliments on it! I was truly amazed at how much better this cake topper looked in person compared to a picture on the internet.

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Best Fall Florals

Moonflower Nature Art Fall Pumpkins Wedding Cake Topper


This autumn cake topper will "take the cake" when added to your simple, yet elegant white wedding dessert. It is perfect as a rustic decoration, even though it is a bit fancy due to the many flowers included. The faux white pumpkin is a twist on traditional orange, making it fresh and modern. The gourd is surrounded by artificial flowers that include rose hips, roses, sunflowers, yarrow and greenery. We love the warm shades of rust, yellow and green that compose this topper.

The topper measures approximately 8 inches in diameter. The materials are attached to a thin wooden base.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Beautiful, just as I expected! Also, carefully packaged and arrived in excellent condition.

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Best Farm-Inspired

Tia Loves Archie Hay Bale Sunflower Cake Topper


This rustic cake topper is ideal for a country wedding on the farm or for any fall wedding, really. It features two miniature hay bales adorned with yellow sunflowers and fallen autumn leaves. A wooden sign stands behind this farm-inspired creation; it can include a couple’s initials, wedding date or a simple “We Do.” The wooden base is finished with satin ribbon and is available in brown or white.

The width of the base is approximately 4 inches in diameter and the height of the topper is approximately 4 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Super cute! This will be perfect for our small cutting cake. I was looking for something for our farm wedding and this was perfect! Fast shipping too.

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Best Tree-Inspired:

Coolmade Mr & Mrs Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers Rustic


Calling all outdoorsy types: This natural wood is ideal for your autumn wedding. Made of three discs of wood that are rimmed in bark, each one bears a word — Mrs., Mr. and an ampersand. The font has a handwritten look, which adds to the cuteness. The simplicity of this topper allows for lots of creativity: You can keep them as-is, or you can put seasonal flowers and greenery at the base.

Made of natural wood.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this item! It’s a very durable, good quality, well-made product and worth the purchase. It worked perfectly for my October outdoor wedding. We had trouble finding a good cake topper for the event and this one just fit everything perfectly. Overall I am extremely happy with this item!

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Best Canadian Motif

Wedding Decor Long Maple Leaf Wedding Cake Topper


The maple leaf was added to the Canadian coat of arms in 1921 and it made its first official appearance on the flag in 1965. If you’re Canadian, this wedding cake topper is ideal for your reception confection. If not, it still says “fall” in a major way with a maple leaf that can be personalized with a wedding date. The couple’s new last name can also be placed on this topper, which can be made in wood, silver glitter, gold glitter or black.

Made of high quality acrylic or wood.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It's better in person than in the picture. It's absolutely perfect! I can't wait to use it for my wedding.

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Best Pumpkin Theme

Skye Art Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkins Cake Topper


The orange pumpkin is an evergreen motif for fall, making it perfect for a wedding cake topper. These darling little pumpkins are handmade by an artisan in Colorado. She doesn’t use a mold or template in making these, but rather sculpts them by hand out of polymer clay that she then paints a rustic orange. They are finished with a food-safe, non-toxic varnish. What a sweet duo!

Made of polymer clay. Each pumpkin is about 1 1/2 inches high and 1 3/4 inches wide.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought these cake toppers for my fall wedding. They are exactly what I wanted, as they are super cute and well made. They are definitely something special that I will keep for a lifetime.

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Most Affordable

Juyue Mr. & Mrs. Cake Rustic Wood Topper


This budget-friendly cake topper gets rave reviews on Amazon, where one reviewer said it looked beautiful on top of a “naked” wedding cake with fresh flowers as ornaments. Made of wood, it features the words “Mr. & Mrs.” encircled with a garland of leaves. At just under 4 inches in diameter, this is a small topper: It can be used solo or given more drama if surrounded by flowers.

Made of wood. Four inches in diameter and six inches high with the pick.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is beautiful. It looked so good on my cake for my wedding!