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Gorgeous Summer Wedding Cakes

Gorgeous Summer Wedding Cakes



Sunshine, warm breezes, and blue skies: the summer is a gorgeous time to get married! Whether you choose to tie the knot seaside or against the lush greenery of a forest, there’s plenty to love about a mid-year ceremony. Check out these stunning summer wedding cakes that will be a sweet finish to any sun-soaked reception.



Beach Wedding Cake



Under the Sea


With a beautiful, wavy finish and a sea-inspired color scheme, this is one elegant approach to an ocean-themed cake. The simple frosted layers are accented with fluid texture and topped with a delicate white piece of coral for an adorable finish.




Summer Berry Medley



Summer Berry Medley


Get back to the (delicious) basics with this deconstructed wedding cake. The exposed layers and icing make for a rustic backdrop to the juicy in-season berries that cover the cake. With colors from nature like this, there’s no need for extra decorations! Mix and match raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries for the perfect palate pleasing showstopper.




Hydrangea Cake



Hydrangeas in Bloom


The huge, colorful blooms of a hydrangea are a beautiful indicator that summer has arrived! For a fresh (and cost effective) approach to your wedding cake, ask your florist to provide you with some blooms to add to your wedding cake. Since the blooms are so large, you won’t need many! If you’d prefer an edible hydranea bloom, turn to a skilled baker to add a few bunches on the layers. Hydrangeas come in multiple colors–blue, pink, and purple are the most common–so they will fit in most color schemes.




Painted lemon cake



Citrus Love


Fresh, tangy, and delicious: oranges, limes, and lemons are a refreshing addition to any summer treat. Add slices to your wedding cake for a geometric design or sprinkle cut up wedges on the layers for a fun, easy approach to your cake decorating — or go wild and ask your baker to paint your favorite citrusy fruit all over the exterior of your cake.




Sunflower wedding cake



Stunning Sunflowers


It’s hard not to be happy when looking at sunflowers, so why not add a bit of cheer into summer wedding cakes by using these blooms as decor? Sprinkle a few icing sunflowers among the layers of your cake for a bright, fun approach to your tasty wedding treat or use real flowers to incorporate a natural detail into dessert. The yellow blooms against a crisp white background of icing are the perfect combo for a summer celebration.




Peony wedding cake



Sweet Peonies


Another fantastic example of how big, bold blooms can make your wedding cake unique, this peony cake has the perfect balance between elegance and natural beauty. The frilly petals of the bloom add a bit of romance to your flower cake, separating it from all of those other white and pastel colored floral cakes.




Sea Glass cake



Sea Glass Cake


If you wanted a summer wedding cake, but don’t want to go overboard, this is a perfect nod to the beach without going too far. The delicate aqua, blue, and green candies cascade down the side of this deceptively simple cake for a beautiful, elegant ocean-themed cake.




Geometric white wedding cake



Graphic Sunshine


If you love clean, simple lines, but want to add a little summer fun into your cake, look no further than this unique stunner. The ivory frosting provides the perfect background to the simple but eye-catching design. At the heart of the cake is the simplistic but beautiful sunshine on the third layer.




Orchid wedding cake



Orchid Blooms


Whether you’re having your summer wedding on a tropical island or you just wish you were, this is a stunning cake with an elegant, tropical feel. The neutral colored orchid blooms are a beautiful addition to this island-themed cake. If you wanted to add a bit of your color scheme into the cake, you could always ask your baker to include purple, pink, blue or yellow orchid blooms among the white ones.




Rustic wedding cake



Rustic Whims


One glance at this cake, and you can practically picture a rustic backdrop. For the true mountain lover, this cake has it all: beautiful layers, simple floral details and, best of all, a gorgeous log slice cake stand.