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Hot Cocktails for Wedding Receptions

Warm up with one of these 10 hot cocktails.

With the holidays right around the corner (seriously. How did this happen?) and colder weather well underway (I repeat — how did this happen?) it’s about time we rounded up something to keep you warm all the way through ’til spring: hot cocktails. Whether you’re planning the bar menu for your reception or simply looking for a steamy drink to cozy up to while you’re binge-watching your favorite holiday films (guilty), these ten hot beverages are exactly what you need.

1. Hot Pumpkin Buttered Rum: Because who needs a pumpkin spice latte when you can have this? Not me. Not one bit. (via Dine and Dish)

2. Hot Caramel Apple Cocktail: An especially wonderful recipe to brew in bulk, this apple-flavored cocktail is perfect for an winter wedding reception or an at-home celebration. It’s easily served straight from the slow cooker and garnished with a caramel apple pop for a little extra sweetness. (via Busy Mommy)

3. Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whisky: Whisky, cinnamon and cream — this cozy, hot cocktail may be the perfect winter beverage. (via Adventures in Cooking)

4. Hot Cider with Honey Rum Marshmallows: Okay, so this one isn’t technically a cocktail. But these honey rum marshmallows might be just as a good as one. (via Babble)

5. Honey Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail: Confession time. This hot beverage is maybe my favorite fall (and winter) drink. It’s warm, a little bit sweet and has just the right amount of cinnamon. Try it, you’ll like it. Really. (via Hello Natural)

6. Tipsy Mochaccino: This blogger says it best — hot cocoa is awesome. Especially around the holidays and definitely at wedding receptions. But a hot cocoa cocktail? Even better. Don’t forget the mocha whipped cream. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

7. Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate: All those things I just said about hot cocoa? Doubly true when the cocoa is actually white chocolate and the drink involves pumpkin. I’ll be trying this recipe out ASAP. (via Minimalist Baker)

8. Mulled Wine: A true winter weather classic, this hot cocktail is particularly popular around winter holidays and (bonus!) has been called a health tonic. (via The Framed Table)

9. Maple Fig Hot Toddy: Earthy sweetness and seasonal flavors combine in this warm and comforting beverage, perfect for cold winter nights. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

10. The Perfect Hot Toddy: Okay, this one’s actually a three in one. Three variations on the classic hot toddy that we all know and love, that is. The apple-ginger options sounds kind of like cold weather heaven. (via Free People)

Do you have any hot cocktails planned for your reception — or your Saturday night? We’d love to see your favorites on Facebook.