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Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

Five fun dinner dates for a romantic night out with your future spouse.

Need an idea for a romantic dinner in?  Here are 5 fun dinner dates!

Indoor Picnic  Unless you live in a place that is gorgeous and sunny year-round (we’re glaring at you, Hawaii), chances are you may have to bring the party indoors once in awhile. Pull out the blankets and pillows and serve upscale picnic food, like crudites, spicy fried chicken, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Appetizers and Bite-Size Sweets  No silverware necessary. Avoid super greasy food and go Thai! Feed each other crab wontons, fresh rolls, and citrus mini-tarts.

Favorite things theme  Does your guy live for Goodfellas?  Cook him an Italian feast.  Season ticket holder for the local baseball team?  Make him a gourmet corn dog and garlic fries.  Simply plan a meal around what he loves to put a smile on his face.

Fondue for two  One pot filled with cheese, one with boiling broth, and one with chocolate, and you are good to go for a romantic night in. Plus, it’s easy prep work to make it happen. Cube up shrimp, chicken, bread, veggies, fruit, and sponge cake.

Make your own pizzas  Ideal for an early date when you still need plenty to talk about, put together a spread of pizza toppings and delish pizza dough.  And as a bonus, you can figure out if he is one of those weirdos that likes hamburger on his pizza.

Credits:  Indoor Picnic//Corn Dogs//Fondue