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Martini Cocktails

There are certain cocktails that are just more party-appropriate than others.

There are certain cocktails that are just more party-appropriate than others. As a scotch drinker, I know that perhaps my drink of choice is a bit too ‘moody’ for a festive affair.  Same goes for the opposite end of the spectrum: if you order a ridiculous birthday cake flavored concoction at a wedding, some might think you were having a 13 Going on 30  moment. But a martini is that perfect drink right down the middle of both extremes–plenty of alcohol to keep us from being the bitter bridesmaid, and plenty of respectability in the process (because I dare anyone to find you less than sophisticated when you have one of these bad boys in hand).

A traditional martini is made with gin, but a modern martini is typically vodka. My favorite is a smoky martini (below) which is a gin martini with just a splash of scotch. It tastes like evil (side note: evil is delicious), so limit these to two. You’ll thank me later.

But plenty of the new martini cocktails are fruit-flavored, for those who prefer to walk on the sweeter side. This apple martini (above) is a fabulous alternative to the toxic green ones you might find at happy hour.

These blueberry lemon (above) and peach lemonade (below) cocktails would be a refreshing touch for a summer wedding.

Want cocktails at brunch? These orange (above), lime (below), and persimmon (second below) are great alternatives to the traditional vodka crans and screwdrivers.

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