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Post-Wedding Brunch Ideas

Post-Wedding Brunch Ideas




Brunches hosted the morning after the wedding can be a terrific way to connect with out-of-town relatives and close friends after the chaos of the day before.



Who should host?


First of all, anyone is allowed to host a post-wedding brunch.  However, parents of the couple should be realistic about just how tired they might be after such a momentous event. Even though it is a happy day, it comes with a lot of stress. And sleep will probably not be aplenty. The mother-of-the-groom will simply not have time to clean her house and bake for a bunch of guests.  The best option is probably for a relative of the couple (who isn’t involved in the wedding day activities other than attending as a guest) or close family friend to host.



Where should you host the brunch?


Of course, you could host it at a restaurant or venue.  But, if you have room, it can be so much nicer to host it at your house. The goal is for everyone to be comfortable.  Although using a restaurant makes it really easy on the host or hostess, it can also be very expensive.



What should the decor be?


The only good rule of thumb is that no wedding-related event ought to outshine or be more formal than the wedding itself.  The wedding was probably a little bit noisy and full of small talk and a bit too warm on the dance floor. In other words, only true extroverts will not be utterly exhausted.  Morning-after brunches should feel light and airy and relaxed. Open up your windows, clean off the patio, and play soft music in the background. A couple of simple floral arrangements would be just fine to decorate a buffet table, but then limit it at that.



What should you serve?


You can serve whatever you want. Coffee will be a definite must.  Serve something sweet and something hearty. Your slightly hungover friends will appreciate the choices.  Although you are welcome to serve cocktails, make it simple with traditional drinks like mimosas or screwdrivers. This rhubarb and lemon cocktail below would be a refreshing choice if you want to skip the orange juice.  A little ‘hair of the dog’ might be what a few guests need, but for the most part, they will be happy to be blessedly sober.







Here are a few links to recipes that we think are post-wedding brunch stars!







Eggs are an easy savory breakfast entree that are pretty much a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.  Well, so long as you don’t think, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll try making poached eggs for the first time for this shindig.’  Because, that’s just a recipe for frustration. Make a basil frittata (above) or baked egg casserole, such as the Denver omelette option below. A huevos rancheros-inspired scramble is full of flavor with a quick cook time.












Sweet breakfast treats are key to happy guests. You can make most of these ahead, or you can put them together in the morning before your friends and family arrive. Above, this blood orange coffee cake will be an instant hit when paired with a strong cup of coffee.







If you want something sweet, but not too sweet, make blueberry biscuits rather than muffins. Serve warm with pats of butter. Gluten-intolerant guests will love these almond scones. And both of these options would go well with an English breakfast tea.













Okay, so let’s say you are the MOB and you haven’t heeded our warnings that you are going to be too worn out to throw this party.  You’re going to need a super easy menu to create at the last minute.  A make-your-own food station will save your sanity. Make waffles and serve them with an assortment of syrups, fruits, and whipped cream. Or buy plain yogurt and serve with bowls of granola, berries, dark chocolate chips, and melon.  Buy pastries from your favorite local bakery to round off the buffet table and fry up some bacon, and you’ve got yourself a fun little brunch!










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