Wedding Planning

Spring Food Trends from The Green Bride Guide

Green spring food trends to keep your day sustainable and your menu tasty.

Planning the wedding reception menu can be a daunting task. Couples need options that will please everyone but still remain representative of their personalities. These unique and sustainable trends can help in the decision-making process and are sure to leave your guests craving more!

Edible Plates and Utensils

Brides and grooms strive to create a memorable day that can set the couple apart from the rest. Edible plates and utensils can help create your unforgettable event while eliminating waste! Edible plates and utensils not only provide a wonderful accent to the menu options but they also provide sustainable options that are hard to ignore.

His & Her Foods

Can’t decide whose favorite food should be served on your special day? No worries, his and her menu options offer couples an exciting alternative!

Couples can showcase their individual personalities and provide guests with unique dishes to choose from. His and her food options are also great ways to share family-favorite dishes with your entire guest list!

Sharing recipes would be an easy way to get the in-laws talking!

Cocktail Hour Cupcakes

No, serving dessert first isn’t a trend…yet. Meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting are unique, tasty treats that are perfect for cocktail hour snacks and appetizers. Many guests will enjoy the delicious combination of the two comfort foods in one convenient, easy-to-eat snack. Couples can help reduce food waste by supplementing smaller main course portions with heartier appetizers.

One Plate Meals

Save money and resources with one plate meals. Serving the complete meal on one plate, at one time, helps reduce the amount of dishes to be done and the number of wait-staff needed. One plate meals not only provide smaller portions, they also mean less time waiting for dishes to be cleared and courses to be served, which gives everyone more time for dancing!