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Ultra Gourmet S’mores Inspiration Board

S’mores can be so much more than graham crackers and Hershey bars. Take your wedding s’more game to the next level with one of these tasty alternatives.

After an entire summer of craving them, I finally had s’mores last weekend. And they were delicious.  But s’mores can be so much more than graham crackers and Hershey bars. You can alternate different cookies and candy, and even different marshmallow flavors. For an ultra-deluxe s’more put in a brownie and raspberry layer (sure to send anyone into the most pleasant of sugar shocks). If you are a traditionalist and only want to try a little something new, substitute a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the usual wedge of Hershey’s, or an Oreo instead of a graham cracker (note to self: absolutely trying this as soon as possible).

For a more autumnal treat, use ginger snaps and add a little caramel. Or if you want something truly decadent, smear some peanut butter onto chocolate wafer cookies before adding your toasted marshmallow.

For a crazy over-the-top s’mores bar at your wedding, give guests all of these options. Set out plates of your favorite cookies (chocolate chip would also be a yummy choice), marshmallows, chocolate candy bars (you can also try fun-size Snickers, Twix, and Butterfinger) and toppings. Make sure to have plenty of wet wipes on hand–because there is no way hands will stay clean with this party favor!

Photo Credits: Raspberry and brownie//Peanut Butter Cup//Oreo//European cookies//Gingersnap//Chocolate and peanut butter//S’mores bar