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Wedding Bundt Cakes

Summer is the perfect time to serve wedding bundt cakes.

Summer is the perfect time to serve wedding bundt cakes. Tiers and tiers of buttercream don’t necessarily mix with a humid outdoor reception.  Bundt cakes have a sturdier texture than the average layer cake, so they hold up well in July heat.  Plus, have you ever seen anything more beautiful than a sweet table lush with different bundt cakes?  Because I haven’t.  It’s pretty glorious.  Here are ten bundt cake recipes from our favorite food bloggers that are perfect for your reception or other wedding events.

If you are just not a vanilla cake kind of bride, a collection of bundt cakes might be right up your alley. From chocolate-green tea (below, left) to gingerbread with a coffee glaze (above), wow your guests with creative flavors.  Bundt cakes can easily utilize local ingredients if having a seasonal menu is important to you.


And all of this variety isn’t limited to how they taste.  Bundt pans come in hundreds of different designs, whether you want soft slopes or sharply-defined edges.  If you decide to do a collection of bundt cakes, mix and match different pan styles for an even prettier tablescape.  Use really angular patterned pans for more modern events, and simple, traditional patterns for a vintage wedding.



Bundt cakes can be very nostalgic.  For some, they might remember Nana’s lemon bundt cake after a particularly trying day of elementary school.  Others might recall special occasions and holidays with a bundt cake perched high a top a crystal cake platter.  All at once, bundt cakes are comforting and celebratory.


Even though they are a traditional dessert, don’t be afraid to go a little crazy. This Nutella bundt cake (above) is calling my name almost as much as this Twinkie-inspired whipped cream filling (below).  Fun and whimsical, the bundt cake is all about delivering tasty charm.


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