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Why We Love Food Truck Wedding Menus

Why We Love Food Truck Wedding Menus

Want to totally personalize your wedding food? Consider food trucks! Here are 7 reasons we love this fun idea. 

Food trucks give your wedding food a unique personality.

Chicken or fish?  No longer do you have to serve limited choices at your wedding. Food trucks allow you to serve a broader menu and can often be personalized to each guest’s palette preferences.  Plus, a giant, colorful truck serving tacos makes a dynamic impression on your friends and family.

It can be significantly more affordable.

Depending upon what types of food you want to serve, a food truck wedding can be vastly more affordable than using a traditional caterer (particularly if you have a smaller guest list). Make sure to compare all of the costs, though. From the entrees to server gratuity, all of the incidentals can add up quickly.

Don’t forget to discuss logistics with your venue.

If you are really committed to using food trucks, make sure to discuss logistics such as parking and entrance restraints with your venue.  It could be that there isn’t adequate space for your food truck to be stationed.

You might get a little parental pushback.

If your traditionally-minded parents are footing the bill they might not love your food truck vision.  While food trucks today are known for their modern style and great eats, your parents might be concerned about food safety or the impression it makes on their friends. Explain all the advantages to using food truck catering and do what you can to allay any concerns.

Make sure to pay attention to how the truck can accommodate dietary restrictions.

If only one of your guests is gluten-intolerant or vegan, then you may not have much of an issue.  However, it isn’t unusual for a significant portion of your family and friends to have severe food allergies or restrictive diets. Because food trucks are smaller, there may be cross-contamination concerns or insufficient storage for special ingredients.

Hire additional help for your reception.

Remember that a caterer often comes with necessities like servers and clean-up duties.  Food trucks usually don’t. Hire a few extra hands for the night to assist guests and to ensure the evening runs smoothly.  If you are serving alcohol, make sure that you hire bartender help that is appropriately licensed for your area.

Don’t blindly book a food truck.

You wouldn’t hire a caterer without meeting them first and sampling their food.  Just because that food truck has hundreds of positive reviews doesn’t mean that they are necessarily the right fit for your wedding.  Make sure to visit the truck, taste several items, and get a feel for the staff’s personalities.

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