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Winter Cocktails to Warm You Up!

Just the kinds of beverages you want to cozy up with on those cool winter nights.

Maybe you need a hot cocktail because you just came in from ice skating on the lake. Perhaps you’re chilled because you’ve been completing your last-minute shopping in a storm. More likely, you just need a drink because your relatives are driving you insane and a little bourbon will help you love them more.

We have always believed in the magical healing powers of a strong hot toddy. The one above also uses chamomile tea, so it’s sure to calm your nerves and stave off that looming head cold (this is based on wishful thinking, not actual science). However,if you prefer wine to spirits, this yummy mulled wine below will do wonders!

Of course, when it comes to seasonal cocktails, nothing beats a good classic. Treat yourself to a hearty Irish coffee (above) or a hot buttered rum concocted from a creamy homemade mix (below).


Looking for something really decadent?  These frothy beverages are definitely indulgent!  Throw some Kahlua into a mug of cocoa (above) and then top with mini marshmallows drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce. If you love eggnog, spike yours with your favorite alcohol and then mix in some truffles for an extra-rich drink.

If you like your creamy cocktail a little less sweet, this bourbon option above mixes in coffee liqueur and nutty bitters. Topped with soda water to give it that fizzy head, this is a beautifully simple drink.

Want a Christmas cocktail with lots of presentation pizazz?  The spiced drink above features a Peeps gingerbread man floating in a sea of cinnamon and vanilla. For fans of black forest cake, this sweet drink is doused with black cherry-flavored bourbon.

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