Wedding Planning

Great Gift Ideas for the Groom

Great Gift Ideas for the Groom

Figuring out what to do for your groom’s gift is tough in the midst of wedding planning. But these gift ideas are the perfect way to show your groom that you are thinking about him on the morning of your wedding!

argyle socks


If you’ve got a groom with a case of cold feet, getting him a pair of socks is the perfect way to make him laugh and keep his toes toasty on the way to the ceremony!

classic luggage gift


If you’re worried about finding useful gift ideas for the groom, give him something practical that he can use right away. A new piece of luggage will come in handy when packing for the honeymoon.

Coffee Mugs

His and Her Coffee Mugs

For the caffeine-loving couple, his and her coffee mugs are the perfect gift! Sure, you’re giving yourself a bit of a treat too, but it’s your wedding day! Treat yo’self!

Boudoir shoot

Boudoir Shoot

Of all the gift ideas for the groom, getting your man something only he can appreciate is half the fun. If you’re feeling a bit saucy, why not do a boudoir shoot and leave the photos for him before the ceremony?

personalized hammer

Engraved Tools

If your gift ideas for the groom tend to skew more practical, why not give your man some personalized tools? Whether you simply engrave his name or etch a special message, it will make working around the house a bit more special.

box of reasons

Reasons Box

Weddings can be stressful, so keep your man centered by giving him a box filled with all the reasons you can’t wait to marry him. It’s sweet, simple, and full of romantic sentiment.

Heart Map

Memorable Places

Instead of coming up with gift ideas for the groom that are silly, why not remind him how far you two have come? Make a personalized heart map that shows where the two of you met, were engaged, and got married (or other important landmarks) to hang on the wall of your home!


Beer Tasting Flight

Maybe you want your gift ideas for the groom to involve his groomsmen, too. In that case, getting him a personlized beer tasting flight could be the perfect way to involve his friends and calm his nerves!

Bottle Opener

Wallet Bottle Opener

No one hates to be without a bottle opener when they need it, so get your man an engraved one to slip in his wallet.

Wedding Vinyl

Wedding Song on Vinyl

If you’re struggling with gift ideas for the groom, try giving him something that is simply fun. Get your wedding song on vinyl, and let him either frame it or keep it with his other records to play whenever you two feel like reminiscing!