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Green Bride Guide: Farmer’s Market Favors

Green Bride Guide: Farmer’s Market Favors

Use your upcoming wedding as an opportunity to support your local farmer’s market.

The market is ripe with ideas for favors rich in community that your guests will appreciate taking home with them. Farmer’s markets are also a great place to find sustainable wedding vendors.

Herb Garden in a Box

For a completely eco-friendly wedding favor, spread some farmer’s market love with an herb garden in a box. For each favor, you simply need seed packets, potting soil, and a half carton of eggs.  Crack each egg near the top. Set aside the contents of the egg to make omelets for your bridal party after they help you put the gardens together! Wash each egg shell out with soap and water then let dry. After the shells have dried, poke holes into the bottom of the shell with a needle or safety pin for the water to drain out. Place your eggshells back into the carton and fill with potting soil. Place your seeds in an envelope in the top of the carton and carefully close. Decorate the carton with scrap ribbon and a label for a rustic touch. Once the seeds sprout, your guests can plant the whole eggshell, which acts as a fertilizer in their gardens at home!

Stuff Your Tote

Farmer’s markets have a smorgasbord of fresh fruit, vegetables, and organic farm vendors. In the weeks leading up to your nuptials, go to your local farmer’s market and talk to your favorite vendors about using their products in your wedding, you may be able to strike a deal with them for buying in bulk and ensure that you’ll have enough on the big day. Create an arrangement of freshly baked cookies, loaves of breads, just picked fruits and cheeses. Hang reusable tote bags nearby for your guests to stock up on their favorite produce. After your wedding, they can bring the totes to a local farmer’s market to discover new vendors.

Juicy Jars

If you love to cook, gather your favorite locally grown fruit and turn them into a jam spread. Pour the preserves into a jar and add a thank you label.  For a fall wedding, slow cook some apples for a classic comfort food favorite: apple butter! For a unique summer wedding favor, impress your guests with a salsa!  Be sure to prepare the jars well ahead of time so you won’t be stressing over canning on your big day.

Scented Sachets

Take advantage of the one-of-a -kind finds at your local farmer’s market and gift them to your guests to enjoy when they reminisce on your wedding.  Gather loose leaf tea or spices and make your own homemade teabags using coffee filters! Simply cut a coffee filter into a pouch shape, scoop the loose tea inside and stitch the pouch shut with embroidery thread. The same tip can be used with fresh lavender. Simply trim the lavender buds and place them in burlap or linen bags to make soothing aromatherapy sachets.

Photo credits: Herb garden, tote bags