Wedding Planning

Green Bride Guide Shares Tips on Making Your Guests Feel Welcome

Small gestures that will make a big impact.

Be considerate and start on time! Try to run as close as possible to your intended schedule. Your guests will want to share in your day and not be kept waiting. When it comes to dinner time, keep in mind that not all your guests will have the same palate. Offer a variety of organic entree options that fit your budget. Create a signature cocktail that represents you and your groom, as well as a comparable ‘mocktail’ for those of your guests who prefer to refrain from drinking alcohol. If you’re inviting guests with children, seat the children at their own table. Instead of a tablecloth, cover their table with recycled paper and crayons to keep them entertained as their parents enjoy the wedding.

Whether your guests are traveling from across the country or from across the street, welcome them with a bag of goodies that show your appreciation and set the tone for the upcoming events. Choose a simple reusable tote filled with goods that fit your theme such as a sampling of local fruit, a homemade snack, or non-toxic sunscreen to protect your guests from rays during an outdoor wedding. Include the instructions to a scavenger hunt for guests to find various stations at your reception or a crossword puzzle for a way to test their knowledge of the bride and groom.

Add Personal Touches

Instead of numbering your guest’s tables at the reception, label them with memories of the two of you have shared over the years. Display family photos or your favorite artwork. Invite a family member or close friend to sing or play your favorite song.

Get your guests involved

While it is your big day, who says your guests can’t share in the fun? Create your own photo booth by arranging empty vintage picture frames to make a quirky backdrop or set out props for guests to pose with and capture the memory on a digital camera. A wedding is also a great place to meet people: encourage friends to get to know one another by setting up vintage couches or lounge chairs and create a more relaxed setting to mingle in. Nix the traditional reception seating arrangement and opt for family style seating on long tables instead to provoke conversation.

Photo Credit: Welcome Bag