Wedding Planning

How Many Items Should We Register For?

You’re asking, and we’re answering.

Registering for wedding gifts can be quite the process. As you plan your new lives together, you’re likely to discover that your shared stash of goods is missing a few essentials. Then, as you begin building a registry, you’re likely to stumble upon other items—things you don’t need, but would love to have. You may start to wonder about your growing wishlist—is there a maximum or minimum to what you should ask for? Before you settle on registering for a certain amount, consider these three things.


Your Guest List

While some couples feel greedy registering for a lot, it can actually be a huge help to guests. If your list of attendees is large, you’ll need to include enough ideas for everyone to choose from. Don’t worry about looking entitled—your friends and family will feel relieved to have options, so that they can choose something they’re really excited about giving, and something that also fits into their budget.

Group Gifts

Some people prefer chipping in on a big-ticket item together. If you see something expensive that you like, don’t immediately write it off. It might actually be the exact sort of thing that your sorority sisters were hoping to pool their resources for. Of course, you should still be conscious of cost. Some guests are bound to have tighter wallets, and be hoping to buy a smaller gift. Providing options in different price points satisfies both situations.

Your Needs

When it comes down to it, your registry is about you as a couple, and what would best help you in your shared future. Of course, you can register for a few treat-yourself items, like that fancy coffee maker you’ve been eyeing. But if you really don’t have a huge wishlist, don’t ask for items that’ll go to waste. Instead, consider an alternative, like turning your registry into a gift or supply drive for the charity of your choice.