Wedding Planning

How to Build a Wedding Registry You’ll Love Forever

Ask for gifts you’ll cherish for years to come.

You’d think that hand-selecting your wedding presents would be easy, but building a registry can actually be daunting. It’s tough enough to figure out when to register by and how much to register for, not to mention commit to products you’ll hopefully have forever. To help you decide on your list, we’ve rounded up our best tips for registering for items that’ll stand the test of time.


Consider Quality

Whether you changed apartments frequently and replaced your goods as you went, had a tighter wallet and had to buy less expensive housewares, or simply didn’t worry about the durability of your goods, quality mattered less when you were younger. Now that you’re tying the knot and potentially moving into your forever home, you’ll want pieces that last. Take quality into account when registering, but recognize that well-made products aren’t always the most expensive products. You can find sturdy, dependable things in a wide range of price points.

Be Cautious About Trends

Will the pattern every store is selling right now be something you want in ten years? If you’re absolutely in love with a current fad, go for it, but think hard about the appeal first: Do you love it because it speaks to you, or because everyone else does? If you find that the reason is the latter, go with classics or something else instead.

Choose What You Like

Bouncing off of the last point, your taste ultimately reigns supreme. Registry guides often recommend sticking with what’s traditional, but if you and your spouse-to-be aren’t traditional, there’s no point in registering for something you hate. Listen to your heart and try to find items you can picture in your home decades from now.