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How to Get Wedding Guests to RSVP Online

How to Get Wedding Guests to RSVP Online

Getting guests to respond to your wedding invitation is hard no matter the format of the RSVP. While digital options can make the process simpler (attendees won’t have to deal with the postal service), some people will still procrastinate, forget, or fail to follow directions. To help things go as smoothly as possible, read our advice before asking for replies.




Provide Specific Instructions


If you choose to go the digital route, you’ll have to give some guidance. Many attendees won’t be familiar with online RSVPs, so walking them through the process is essential. You can explain how to RSVP on an insert when you mail your invitations, or, if you’re having them RSVP on your wedding website, you can write the instructions there.






Make it Simple


Consider the lifestyles of your nearest and dearest. Maybe, it’d help to give them options—some guests will prefer emailing their response over completing an online form. Being flexible will allow your attendees to reply in the way that’s easiest for them. If you want them to RSVP through your wedding website, make the spot where they need to do so easy to find. Make the form as brief as possible, and again, include foolproof instructions.




Remind Them


When it comes to the slackers (or the forgetful) on your list, you’ll have to follow up. Send your invitations far enough in advance that you’ll have time to send out reminders if necessary, too. Determine how you’ll reach out to people beforehand, to save you stress when the time comes.