Wedding Planning

How to Make Your Wedding Website Stand Out

Build one that your guests want to visit.

Creating and sharing a wedding website is a great way to compile and distribute all of your event’s details, but any old one won’t do. You’ll want to build something that your guests won’t mind visiting. To guarantee that, you should make it stand out. Here are three ways to do so.


Design Around a Theme

Like the wedding itself, your website should have a theme (ideally the two should coordinate). So, ensure that the site’s color palette reflects the color scheme of your nuptials, for example. By doing so, the different elements of your event will look cohesive, and you’ll also get guests excited for what’s to come on the big day. Almost everyone enjoys sneak previews, after all!

Provide Important Information

Your site should be pretty, but it should be functional, too. To get guests to your page(s), offer up the intel that they need. Tons of people create wedding websites, but not all of them contain quality content. Set yours apart by giving your celebrants the stuff that they’re looking for.

Make It Easy to Access and Navigate

Do what you can to make your wedding website easy to find (like by including the URL in your stationery suite). Bonus points if you can secure a domain that’s simple to remember, like ‘your-name-and-your-partner’’ Once attendees get there, finding what they need on the site should be as straightforward as possible. Nothing’s worse than wasting time clicking things in search of what they’re there for!