Wedding Planning

How to Prepare for Wedding Guests with Allergies

Accommodate your attendees.

It’s hard to accommodate every allergy, but it’s courteous to your guests to try. Plus, no bride or groom wants their celebrants distracted by sneezing (or worse, something like hives). To keep your attendees as comfortable as possible and to avoid any big-day disasters, check out these tips.


Ask About Them

It’s hard to prepare for something that you’re unaware of. That’s why you should ask your friends and family to fill you in about their allergies. Putting a survey on your wedding website is a great way to do so—just make sure that you set a response deadline, so that you can use the information to plan.

Provide Proper Warnings

Warn celebrants about potential allergens, and then they can prepare themselves. You can put this information on your wedding website, or spread it however else you please. For example, if you’re having guests select their meal beforehand, you can write ingredients on the response card. If they’ll be picking what they eat on the day-of, you can include common allergans on the menu card or on buffet-table labels.

Offer Menu Alternatives

Consult your caterer about additional menu options for those with dietary restrictions, like guests who can’t eat dairy. Also consider avoiding common allergic reaction-inducing items (like nuts and shellfish) altogether.

Think Beyond Food

Allergies aren’t just a pain—they’re pretty varied, too. Some guests might have food allergies, while others may have seasonal or animal allergies. If you’re marrying outside, do some research or ask your planner about ways to reduce the effect of outdoor allergens. If you know that some attendees are allergic to dogs, leave yours at home, or steer the pup away from them. Certain flowers can be triggers too, so keep that in mind as well.

Make Relief Accessible

Typically, those who struggle with allergies are used to handling their symptoms, and probably carry the proper relief with them already. Still, it doesn’t hurt to provide products containing antihistamines just in case. You can leave bottles in the bathroom for easy access, as well as tissues to help with any sniffling.