Wedding Planning

10 Best Wedding Program Ideas

10 Best Wedding Program Ideas


Style Your Wedding Program



Looking for some creative wedding program ideas? We’ve got 10 suggestions to design a program to perfectly fit your event.


You can style your wedding program to match your other wedding details. For example, If your wedding uses pretty watercolor illustrations, find a program that complements your other paper goods.







Wedding Program & Ribbon Wand


When you’re wedding planning, you become a master at multitasking. These wedding programs also serve double-duty with their attached ribbon wands to wave during the couple’s ceremony recessional.







When You Have a Lot to Share


When you want to share everything from the ceremony schedule to your love story, you might want to consider an infographic program. This efficient presentation allows for plenty to be shared without having an overwhelming amount of text.







The Latest Trends


Your wedding program is a terrific place to incorporate the latest in trendy wedding details. Agate accents are all the rage right now, and this muted wedding program with gold foiling is a beautiful example.







Greet Them with a Gift


Many couples choose to give guests their favors at their place settings, but wedding programs are also convenient places to hand them out. This floral program features a tiny envelope filled with seeds and secured with checkered washi tape.







Keep Your Guests Cool


For summer weddings, your guests might need a little help staying cool during your wedding ceremony. One of the most popular wedding program ideas is affixing a traditional program to a wooden handle to create a fan.







Printed Handkerchiefs


Even the most jaded of wedding guests can’t help but get a little misty-eyed during a wedding ceremony. This ingenious wedding program was printed on a white cotton handkerchief.







Use Both Sides


Printing double-sided wedding programs are generally more expensive than single sided options. However, they can give you the room to share all the deets without squeezing it into a space that’s too small.






Match the Surroundings



Hosting a barn wedding? Find a wedding program that will effortlessly blend in with your venue’s surroundings. This rustic example has a woodgrain background and floral accents.