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15 Witty Valentine’s Day Cards for the One You Love

The Valentine’s Day cards that you could only give to the one who gets you…

Let’s face it. It might sell movie tickets, but true love generally doesn’t look like a Nicholas Sparks’ film.  In reality, there’s a lot less kissing in a rainstorm and a lot more sitting on the couch watching something binge-worthy.  Here are 15 Valentine’s Day cards that tell it like it is.

Naps are just about the best thing on the planet.  So, this card is pretty much the most meaningful declaration of love that we can think of.

Fights with your significant other on Valentine’s Day are just the worst. So, what’s a girl to do other than deliver this funny (and accurate) card?

Are you two on a budget for your wedding?  Then this card is certainly appropriate.

So many love stories don’t begin with love at first sight. They start with awkward first dates or a friendship that took forever to grow into something more. This card speaks to those relationships in a witty way.

For some couples, there’s no greater joy than conquering a video game together.  Pick up this note for the gamer in your life.

When you just don’t feel like being humble, this is the valentine to present. You can probably expect a pretty well-deserved eye roll in response.

We should all let our freak flags fly.  And the whole point of love is finding someone with a compatible flag.  This is definitely the romantic sentiment to send when you want to honor the weirdo in him.

Although the hipster trend is starting to die down, we still appreciate it for comedic value.  This valentine has everything: an adorable bear, sassy phrasing, and little pink hearts.

Short and to the point, you had better give this card with a wink and a smile.

Do you two love science?  Spend hours cuddled up watching Neil deGrasse Tyson deliver some serious knowledge? Then this thoroughly un-flowery expression of love might be just the ticket!

You reach a certain age and you barely recognize anyone in the top 10 on iTunes. The ‘kids’ are using slang that you don’t understand. This is exactly how we feel about ‘bae.’  When did this become a thing?  If you can relate, hand this pop culture valentine to the one you love.

When in doubt, be direct.

All the man really needs to be happy is a great microbrew. You still refuse to let him turn the garage into his own private distillery, but this card with a growler is a nice consolation prize.

Much like a hit song from The Cure, this card is an equal blend of peppy and cynicism.

Best friends deserve a valentine, don’t they?  Here’s the one for the pal that you raid the February 15th chocolate sales with.

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