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Bold Wedding Invitations

Bold Wedding Invitations

These eye-catching and colorful wedding invitations aren’t for wallflowers.  These memorable invites are for couples wanting to make a strong impression.





These eye-catching and colorful wedding invitations aren’t for wallflowers.  These memorable invites are for couples wanting to make a strong impression. It’s for those who want to send a message to their friends and family, effectively saying, ‘Attend our wedding or miss the event of the year.’  And all of this is contained in one humble envelope.  It’s a tall order, but here are 5 ways to make sure that your invite is the boldest of the season (because if you are getting married during summer, you’re gonna have some competition).


Really bright palettes are an obvious, but effective method.  Why say on off-white what you can say on neon magenta?  Use a rainbow of brights and pair with bold black font (above) or stick to one solid, like this neon yellow card below.  Save the date, or else.





Know how to use black to your favor.  As with the fonts above, black makes an impression. It turns even the most demure styles (such as this pink watercolor suite below) into an in-your-face modern design that no one can send their regrets to.









Use black as a backdrop for designs that are in metallics to create a stronger look than white.  Above, the gold glitter pops against the black paper.  Sparkly chevrons? Yes, please!  Another unexpected way to incorporate black into your wedding suite is with a black envelope.  Chances are your guests have received plenty of envelopes in blush and cream, but very few in black.





Being a little smarty is always a good thing (despite your grandmother’s assertion otherwise).  Use clever language, wit, and humor to intrigue your guests.  If you are a fun-loving couple, this is the sort of things your guests love to see: you guys being you, in all of your sarcastic glory, despite the major event happening in your lives.  This ‘free cake’ invite is funny and true.  Just don’t send this out and serve a fruit and cheese plate instead.  The buttercream contingent can get really violent.





Proof that infographics can indeed be fun is this invite below. Filled with inside jokes shared with this couple’s nearest and dearest, it’s not just inviting you to an event, it’s inviting you to a milestone moment.









Include unexpected details.  From graphic elements like cool typography, illustrated icons and maps to add-on enclosures and themed-covers (love the paint sample card below!)–a lit bit of style drama will go over big with your guests.  The above invitation’s registry envelope is so precious (and I’m saying this despite the fact that my number one invite pet peeve is mentioning your wedding registry) and the illustrations and font are flawless. It’s really just spectacular.





Playing with patterns is an interesting way to make your invite memorable.  This abstract, primary-toned invitation is certainly bold and would decorate any refrigerator fantastically (and btw, that’s the goal–invites shoved in a desk drawer rarely get a response).  Although many more mainstream invites use smaller scale patterns, those with larger scale really stand out.





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