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Bride’s Perspective: Four Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Bride’s Perspective: Four Wedding Guestbook Ideas



Our blogger bride-to-be Elise from WTFab is back today to share her favorite wedding guestbook ideas. Read on for one of a kind inspiration and the perfect way to add a personal touch to one of your reception details.



One of the fun things about getting into the final month before our wedding is that we can start thinking about some of the little details that we just haven’t had time to focus on yet! One of those details is our guestbook for the wedding. Here are a few ideas we had while narrowing down our decision!




Engagement Photo Book. We ended up creating a wedding guestbook with some of our favorite photos from our engagement shoot. A friend recommended blurb to us (she used blurb to create photo books from their engagement shoot, wedding and honeymoon). Blurb’s tool was super easy to use and we were able to create a very professional looking, clean guestbook in one evening! I think it’ll be fun for our guests to be able to flip through the pages and see our engagement photos, and we also made sure to leave plenty of space so our guests have room to write notes. I think it’s going to make a really wonderful keepsake!






Children’s Book. We had some friends who got married earlier this year use a sweet children’s book, This is San Francisco, as their guestbook. It was such a cute nod to the city where they met and fell in love, and it also had plenty of white space for guests to write on.






Vintage Guestbook. While cleaning out her closet, my mom happened to come across the guestbook that her mother used on her wedding day. At that time, guestbooks were more like a sign-in book where people simply wrote their names. But there were plenty of pages left and we considered using my grandmother’s book and asking guests to be sure to leave a little note along with their name.






DIY Polaroid Guestbook. I also loved the idea of a Polaroid Guestbook, like the one below from Make Merry Events. They add even more of a personal touch, and as a guest I love to snap an extra one of me and my boo for us to keep (make sure you have enough film for people to snap an extra photo for themselves!).






What kind of guestbook are you using for your wedding day?