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Bridesmaid Thank You Cards

Bridesmaid Thank You Cards






There’s really no way you can adequately thank your bridal party. These ladies talked you out of your dressing room when you were having a major meltdown at the bridal salon, hosted that gorgeous shower, and are wearing those teal dresses (that your mother considered a non-negotiable) without a fuss.  These are some pretty awesome friends you have.  So even though a thank you card and gift doesn’t quite seem like enough, it’s what you’ve got, so make the most of it.


This year has been all about the modern floral prints and cursive scripts. Are you loving this trend as much as we are?  If so, find a thank you card that uses this Austen-meets-modern vibe.  Whether its a traditional card (above) or one inspired by paper dolls (below…and LOVE), these sweetly feminine cards will be much appreciated.








It wouldn’t be 2014 if we weren’t talking about metallics. Gold has been huge this year. If your palette embraced all things shiny and sparkly, use it on your stationery. Above, this card is definitely more traditional and formal–perfect if that was the tone of your wedding, or for a bridesmaid you aren’t that close to (more on this a little later).  Below, metallic goes a little more casual and free-spirited with a fun, bold font and an exuberant exclamation point.








When writing a thank you note to a member of your bridal party, remember to be personal and as specific as possible. This is one of those ‘keepsake’ cards, not an obligatory thank you for a Christmas gift.  Mention fun moments, ways she helped you, and how grateful you are at how much this experience strengthened your friendship.  Most of all, just be sincere. And DO NOT write all of your ladies the same note.  If they end up comparing or mentioning a line, it will feel like a form letter and not a moment of real gratitude.








If you and your besties all share a great sense of humor, there is no reason the card can’t be funny (or even a little snarky, if that’s how you play).  Just make sure that you have the type of relationship that this will go over well.  For example, if one of your bridesmaids is a cousin you haven’t seen in ten years and barely spoke to throughout the process, traditional and simple might be a better route.





And lastly, do you go gaga over matchy-matchy?  Find a creative thank you suite that includes complementary cards for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. These below are unique and lovely.






During November, we are celebrating gratitude with Giving Thanks month, in partnership with Artifact Uprising.





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