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Colorful Wedding Invitations to Capture Your Guests’ Attention

Colorful Wedding Invitations to Capture Your Guests’ Attention

We’ll help you find an attention-grabbing invite in your color palette.

colorful wedding invitation

Rainbow Brights

Rainbow color palettes are on-trend right now, particularly with festive fiesta weddings. This simple wedding invitation features each rainbow shade alternating along the design’s heading.

bright wedding invitation

Bright Palette

When your wedding is going to feature an array of juicy sherbet colors, why not send colorful wedding invitations with each and every hue? This cool geometric pattern gives a prism-like effect that your guests will be happy to display on their fridge doors.

red wedding invitation

Cherry Red

You don’t need much of red to make a statement. Associated with power and passion, this charismatic hue is gorgeous even in small doses, as you can see in this modern floral wedding invitation.

blue wedding invitation

Midnight Blue

Is there anything more romantic than a starry night? For a wedding with a midnight blue or dark navy color palette, this constellation-themed invitation is a perfect match.

tropical wedding invitation

Spring Green

Tropical location for your wedding? Go with a spring green color palette and use lots of palm tree decor details. This pretty invite’s gold accents highlight this green design.

book themed wedding invitation

Vibrant Orange

Bookworms will love this modern wedding invitation with its recognizable orange design associated with Penguin Books covers. In fact, they might keep this one around as a handy bookmark.

yellow wedding invitation

Pale Yellow

This cheery wedding invitation features a mid-century modern pattern in a pale shade of yellow. This lemon chiffon hue is perfect for a spring or summer event when you want colorful wedding invitations after too many gray days.

purple wedding invitation

Rich Purple

Shades of purple look so magnificent next to each other. This suite is in a variety of shades like plum, eggplant, and lavender.

blue wedding invitation

Ocean Blue

Nothing blends in with a beach wedding quite so well as a blue color scheme. This gorgeous invite features an ombre watercolor wash of pale aqua to ocean blue to give the impression of the varying blues at sea.

sunset wedding invitation

Fuchsia Ombre

Your friends and family will be unable to ignore this eye-catching combination of coral and fuchsia with elegant white calligraphy.

gray wedding invitation

Dove Gray

So often the background neutral, gray is a stunning color all its own. This dove gray shade is sophisticated and stately. Paired with a modern monogram, it’s a beautiful choice for a traditional affair.

wine wedding invitation

Deep Wine

Do you adore cranberry and wine shades? This marsala wedding invite featuring dark copper envelopes is a lovely option, particularly for autumn and winter’s deep color palettes.