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Creative Wedding Programs and What to Include

Creative Wedding Programs and What to Include




Keep your friends and family from getting bored before your big entrance by designing a fun wedding program!








If you want to say a lot in your program, pick a format that works best for a bunch of information. The floral booklet shown above is an excellent way to organize everything you want to say. When you select a booklet style there is room to include all the typical schedule and wedding party lowdown as well as a thank you message to your guests.







A creative way of breaking up all those words?  Use illustrations and chart-inspired (below) elements to make your guests chuckle and read along.







Witty goes a long way on a wedding program. Filling it with ‘fun facts’ (above) or being self-assured that your friends are pretty darn crazy about you (below) will set your program apart from the common.











If you anticipate running a little late (you’ve never shown up on time for anything in your life), you may want to include a fun activity like a crossword puzzle (above) or trivia game. Don’t forget a pencil!







When you have an undeniable practical side, make your programs work overtime by serving as a fan for warm weather events, or paper airplanes for a memorable recessional.







Or maybe you would just prefer a pretty and eco-friendly alternative. Write out your program on a chalkboard or a mirror you can hang in your home later.












So, what should be included in your wedding program?  As you can see, there is a lot of flexibility. The purpose of the program is to inform your guests about what is going on up front.  For small and straightforward ceremonies, that might mean simply listing the schedule and the wedding party.  If you are having a ceremony that involves traditions or rituals that will be unfamiliar to some of your guests, you might want to add in some explanations.  Your program is also a handy place to thank the unsung heroes, from the exhausted ushers to your sweet grandma.  As with most wedding details, your own personal touches will make your wedding program the most meaningful.




Credits:  Floral Booklet//Colored Illustrations//Fun Facts//Fan of the Couple//Crossword Puzzle//Program Fan//Paper Airplane//Chalkboard Sign//Mirror Sign